BREAKING: Two Kissimmee Police Officers Shot – Extremely Grave – Suspects On The Loose

On Friday night two Kissimmee police officers were shot.

On Friday night two Kissimmee police officers were shot.

Two Kissimmee Police Officers Shot

Kissimmee, FL – Two Kissimmee police officers were shot Friday night and initial reports are not looking good for the officers. The suspects who shot them were able to escape.

UPDATE: Both Kissimmee police officers are dead. Please pray for the families of these fallen heroes and all of the officers hunting their killers. UPDATE: The media misreported that two officers were killed. One officer is dead with one critical.

UPDATE: Two suspects are now reported to be in custody.

All area law enforcement agencies are descending on the area for a massive manhunt for the gunmen. At least 70 law enforcement vehicles have been seen in Kissimmee around Main St.

No suspect information has been released at this point in time. The circumstances behind the shooting have not yet been released.

All locals are being told to avoid the area. You can see the live-feed from the scene below.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the shot heroes, their families, and every officer out hunting the gunmen.

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