Brandon McNeil Live-Tweeted Police Chase While Armed

Brandon McNeil

Brandon McNeil-the Twitter bandit

Brandon McNeil Live-Tweeted Police Chase While Armed

Chicago – One of Chicago’s dimmest criminals, Brandon McNeil, live-tweeted his flight from police. McNeil was armed with two illegal guns, including a revolver with a defaced serial number, when he led police on an extensive chase.

Police Officer responded to the 10200 block of South Prospect Ave at approximately 3 PM on Aug. 3rd after numerous 911 calls were made reporting shots fired.

When police arrived, they observed McNeil in a maroon 2014 Nissan Altima. Once McNeil realized that the police had found him, he exited the vehicle and begin running away. The responding officers noticed that McNeil was running awkwardly; holding his side as if trying to contain an item within. Due to their training, knowledge, and experience, the officers knew that it was highly likely that McNeil was trying to conceal a firearm or some type of contraband that he did not want the officers to see.

McNeil fled into a nearby home, and this is where things began to get weird. McNeil was live-tweeting the chase. From within the home, he posted a Tweet that said:

“lol look I just left the police they lookin fa me.”

To then make matters worse for himself, McNeil followed the previous tweet with a post containing a photo of a firearm which stated:

 “I hid the pole, here’s my hiding spot.”

Unsurprisingly, after police contacted the owner of the home, they learned that McNeil did not have permission to enter the residence. Police entered the residence with the permission of the owners to find McNeil armed with a defaced revolver in the basement. They also found the .38 caliber handgun McNeil had posted on Twitter, hidden in the ceiling.

Cook County Judge James Brown on set McNeil’s bail at a whopping $50,000. I would wonder if he would Tweet his experiences in jail as well, but he’s probably already out.