Dash Camera: Chicago PD Pursuit With Officer Brandon McDonald Shot

Dash Camera: Chicago PD Pursuit With Officer Brandon McDonald Shot

Chicago – Dash camera footage captured Chicago PD pursuing a carjacking suspect when the suspect opened fire on them. Officer Brandon McDonald barely escaped with his life as he received a grazing wound to the face.

On Tuesday night, Chicago police Officer Brandon McDonald and his partner spotted a vehicle that had just been reported stolen in a carjacking. The officers tried to stop the vehicle, and the driver started shooting at them.

After Officer Brandon McDonald was shot, his patrol car was stopped. You can hear Officer Mcdonald on the video, “I’m f—— shot. I’m hit! I’m hit!… F— this s—. Let’s go get him.”

The officers then resumed the pursuit and the the suspect, Charles Lawson, continued to shoot at them. Officers then returned fire, but Lawson was not hit.

Lawson’s vehicle was finally disabled, and he tossed his pistol out of the window and surrendered.

Despite Lawson visibly shooting at officers from the driver’s seat, he tried to blame the shooting in his imaginary passenger. As he was arrested, Lawson shouted, “It wasn’t me, man! Y’all didn’t see him get out, man?”

Lawson had just gotten out of prison for serving three months for two counts of armed robbery.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson made a statement on the incident, “These police officers have a difficult job, every day, you know, they put their lives on the line. We get scrutinized and criticized for everything we do, this is a difficult job, but they continue to do it despite everything going on. These officers knew that was a vehicle taken in a carjacking and they went to the vehicle, as opposed to away from it. The men and women of the Chicago Police Department are doing what they’re supposed to do, but this just illustrates how dangerous it is.”

Thankfully, hero Officer Brandon McDonald was treated for only minor injuries at the hospital.