Two Women, Who Met In Rehab, Overdose With Their Infants In The Back Seat – Then Cops Show Up

The Boynton Beach Police Department rescued babies after their mothers overdosed in a car.

The Boynton Beach Police Department rescued babies after their mothers overdosed in a car.

Boynton Beach Police Rescue Infants, Arrest Mothers

Boynton Beach, FL – Two Florida mothers who met at a drug-treatment program overdosed within minutes of each other, while their one- and two-month-old infants were in the back seat of their vehicle.

The incident occurred on October 5, according to Fox News.

Boynton Beach police officers responded to a report of two women overdosing inside a car parked in the 500 block of East Woolbright Road. When they arrived, they found two women overdosing, and two infants strapped into their car seats in the back seat of the vehicle.

The two women, later identified as Kristen Leigh O’Connor, age 27, and June Ann Schweinhart, age 28, had decided to hang out, and had bought heroin for $60 from a drug dealer.

They then went to a parking garage to snort the heroin.  Schweinhart called 911 after O’Connor began overdosing, but she, too, began overdosing and having convulsions.

Stephanie Slater, Boynton Beach police spokeswoman, said “Fortunately, there was a Good Samaritan nearby who saw all of this happening and took the phone from her to speak with dispatchers.”

Both women had met and became friends at a drug treatment center, while they were pregnant.  O’Connor later told police that they had also connected because their babies were due the same day, although they were born four days apart.

O’Connor and Schweinhart were transported to a hospital, where they received treatment.

Both babies were brought back to the police department, where they were ‘snuggled’ for several hours until family members could be contacted.

In a Facebook post, the Boynton Beach Police Department said, “This is an incredibly tragic situation and ultimately, the ones most affected by this are those innocent, beautiful babies.  We hope this serves as a wake-up call for these moms, and that they seek further treatment for their addiction. We sincerely wish them all the best.”

O’Connor and Schweinhart were both charged with child neglect after they were released from the hospital.

O’Connor is under $4,500 bond, and cannot not see her baby unless her mother is present.  She has made bail and is pending trial.

Schweinhart is under $3,000 bail.  If she makes bail, she can see her baby only if another adult is present.  She has not been able to post bond.

The infants were not injured.  Family members of both women have taken custody of them.

  • Remo_5_0

    Fine parenting there, ladies…hope those kids can get to a good family who will love and protect them.

  • jennifer 0.2

    Now this is what is called as real “White outreach”

  • Jonas Blane ll

    If only the heroin did its job.

    • jennifer 0.2

      I hear you, How about Fentanyl. i hear its sooooo gooood! many people have good experiences with Fentanyl available cheap too.


    Those 2 dirt bag drug heads don’t deserve those innocent little Baby’s….I hope child services takes the baby’s away from them, but they usually always wind up giving them back to them and then the cycle starts all over again…..So Sad…!

  • Calistress

    What are you white folks doing about the drug epidemic in your culture?

    • Janet Kso

      Us white folks- listen whoever you are- the drug overdoses span all ages and races-it is the responsibility of everyone to do their part. What are you doing about it?

  • Janet Kso

    Number 2 can’t get the 300.00 to post her bond as she spent it all on dope. They are lucky they contacted the grandparents. When I worked in Detroit they went to the Police Station and CPS picked them up and they went into foster care. There was no visitation rights until the mothers served their sentence and rehab was attended. Next time they may not be alive. These kids deserve a second chance- the mothers- no way.

  • Sam G

    Two examples of why I have Narcan in my vehicles first aid kit.

    • jennifer 0.2

      That means you only give 2nd chances to opioid abusers. Good for ya, keep giving them 2nd chances, that will atleast bankrupt them & destroy the lives of people known to the addicts you keep rescuing.

  • Moe

    Hope they both die and babies go to family that would love them and care for them.