Investigation Launched For Video Showing Child Abuse After Boy ‘Votes’ For Trump

boy votes for trump child abuse

This sure looks like child abuse to us.

Investigation Launched For Video Showing Child Abuse After Boy ‘Votes’ For Trump

Fort Bend County, Texas – A woman in Texas kicked her 8-year-old boy out of the house after he “voted” for Donald Trump in a mock election at his school.

An investigation has been launched after a Texas “mother” kicked her young son out of their house because he voted for Donald Trump in a mock election. The video below has been circulating all over social media the past few days and has many people concerned. The woman kicked her son out with his suitcase, filmed the whole thing, and posted in on Facebook for everyone to see.

The woman tells the little boy in the video “Get your shit and get out”. The poor little guy starts crying and the woman continues to scream and berate him, forcing him outside with his suitcase. The other little boy, probably his younger brother, starts crying too but the woman refuses to let up.

Nice parenting, lady *heavy sarcasm*

Watch the sickening video below.

The woman might have been trying to teach her son a lesson for not following the presidential candidates and deciding, after careful evaluation of their platforms, that he shouldn’t support Donald Trump. However, it looks like child abuse to us. In the video, the woman demanded to know why he voted for Trump and the boy responded that it was because he saw Trump a lot on TV, which reflects the amount of thought that any 8-year-old would put into the presidential election.

The woman was found by police and told investigators that the video was a joke. Sheriff Troy Nehls tweeted Saturday that the child is safe. With a mother like that, we’re not so sure.

ABC 13 spoke with neighbors around where the incident took place

“I think it’s crazy,” says one of the family’s neighbors. “People need to realize when you put certain things on social media, you never know how far it’s gonna go.”

Neighbors were absolutely shocked to see that this happened right on their street.

According to local news agencies, the investigation is still ongoing.

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