VIDEO: Boston’s ‘Peaceful Protest’ Shows Attacks On Police And Free Speech – What Media Isn’t Showing

Video from the Boston Free Speech rally shows that it wasn't entirely peaceful.

Video from the Boston Free Speech rally shows that it wasn’t entirely peaceful.

Antifa Throws Rocks And Urine At Police At Boston Free Speech Rally While Media Portrays Them As ‘Peaceful’

Boston, Massachusetts – Boston Police said they arrested 33 people at the Boston free speech rally Saturday that resulted in violence against police more than two hours after the rally ended.

Three of the people arrested had knives and another one had a firearm. WCVB TV reported that three people arrested were wearing bulletproof vests and one of the vest-wearing people had a firearm.

The vast majority of the arrests were for causing a disturbance and resisting arrest. Six people were charged with assault and battery. There were 23 people arrested at the Charlottesville rally on July 8.

The Free Speech rally was billed by groups such as the ACLU as a “white supremacist” rally, despite absolutely zero ties to any white supremacy group and no hate speech. An estimated 30,000 people showed up to protest the 50 or so “white supremacists” at the free speech rally.

Here’s a picture from inside the rally:



The Boston free speech rally ended at 1:30 PM on Saturday, according to Boston police. However, the violence against police happened more than two hours after the rally ended.

Most of the 30,000 attendees were peaceful, but there was still a large number violent people within the crowd.

Boston police tweeted at 4 PM asking that people refrain “from throwing urine, bottles and other harmful projectiles at our officers.” They followed up shortly after with a tweet confirming rocks were being thrown at police.

Media coverage played down the violence against the police. CNN mentioned the violence in the second to the last paragraph of its Sunday article.

“There were no major incidents reported Saturday in Boston, but police said 33 were arrested — mostly for disorderly conduct and assaults on police officers,” CNN reported.

The Boston Globe headline read: “Protesters at Boston Common were peaceful, but they made their point”

Watch footage from the event below. WARNING – Users may find the footage extremely disturbing: