Blue Lives Radio: The Toll On First Responders And Seeking Help

Blue Lives Radio, hosted by Lt. Randy Sutton (ret.)

Blue Lives Radio, hosted by Lt. Randy Sutton (ret.)

Blue Lives Radio: PTSD

There is a catastrophic toll on first responders that is seldom talked about – let alone cured. But do we even have the diagnosis named accurately? Is it a disorder? Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? We will take that question on and many more as we turn the page to assist first responders and the law enforcement community rise above the misconceptions of PTSD.

Where do those who need help, get help? Law Enforcement Officers are fed a constant diet of pain, suffering, cruelty, and danger and it can take it’s toll emotionally. Where can they turn to when problems with addiction, Post Traumatic Stress Injury and other stress related issues affect their lives? Randy Sutton’s guest on BLUE LIVES RADIO, The Voice of American Law Enforcement is Michael Poole a retired Police Officer and peer counselor and consultant for an innovative new treatment center designed specifically for First Responders.

Also in this episode a “Police Story” will be read and Randy Sutton will give his “View From The Blue” about the positive changes he expects for law enforcement.

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