‘Blue Lives Don’t Matter,’ Symposium To Help Black People Gets Protested By Black Lives Matter

blue lives don't matter

‘Blue Lives Don’t Matter,’ Symposium To Help Black People Gets Protested By Black Lives Matter

Irvine, CA – Black Lives Matter protesters showed up to protest a symposium meant to help black people.

Los Angeles Police Department Police Chief Charlie Beck and the University of California Irvine organized a symposium to brainstorm ideas and talk about race and policing. The symposium was also to coincide with the launch of the UCI Institute for Policing in Society, an organization created to improve police and community relations.

The symposium, which contained topics like street level policing, policing after Ferguson, police accountability, race and suspicion, and new directions for policing, was interrupted by shouts from Black Lives Matter protesters. Some of the key speakers involved in the symposium were Chief Charlie Beck, Judge Shira Scheindlin, and Professor Wesley G. Skogan.

This was an event put together by police and major social justice figures in order to help curb “police violence,” and Black Lives Matter protested itWorking with the police is unacceptable to Black Lives Matter because it goes against their goal of abolishing the police.

Chief Charlie Beck and rapper The Game got together a few weeks ago because they are both tired of violence. Professor Wesley G. Skogan is a subject matter expert on community oriented policing. Judge Shira Scheindlin is against stop and frisk, she was there to support some of Black Lives Matter ideas!

How much sense does that make to protest an event that was put together in order to help curb police and minority violence?

The Black Lives Matter protesters who showed up to protest the symposium held signs that said things like “police kill the mentally ill,” “police kkk,” “blue lives don’t matter,” and the always popular (but unoriginal) “fuck the police.”

The university’s College Republican’s leader, Ariana Rowland organised a counter protest. Breitbart reported Rowland stating “We were assaulted, I was cut and pushed, they destroyed all of our signs but two, but we still felt it was important to show the other side of the discussion and stand up for rational discourse, civility and law and order”.

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