VIDEO: Black Lives Matter Protesters Swarm Outside Of Philadelphia Police Officer’s Home

Black Lives Matter activists are outside of a police officer's home, harassing his family.

Black Lives Matter activists are outside of a police officer’s home, harassing his family.

Black Lives Matter Harasses Officer’s Family, Neighbors

Philadelphia, PA – Black Lives Matters protesters went to the home of Philadelphia Police Officer Ryan Pownall Thursday night, August 24, and posted live video of their marching and chanting on Facebook.  And a line of Philadelphia police officers stood on the sidewalk in front of Officer Pownall’s home, to protect him and his family.

On June 8, Officer Pownall fatally shot an armed black male, David Jones who was fleeing on foot, according to

He had stopped Jones, felt a gun on Jones while conducting legal frisk for officer safety, and then got into a struggle with Jones who had tried to get the gun out before he was shot.

Jones was a convicted felon, and could not legally possess or own a gun. The shooting is currently under investigation to determine if it was legally justified.

Unfortunately, Black Lives Matter refuses to acknowledge that a police shooting is ever justified.

Multiple protests and sit-ins have occurred since the shooting first happened, and tonight Black Lives Matter protesters went to Officer Pownall’s home.

On Facebook, and at the protest they referred to police as “crackers” “pig,” and “murderers.”

Black Lives Matter has a history of ignoring due process, and further ignoring the results of grand juries and investigations into officer-involved shootings. They also pressure local prosecutors into charging officers before an investigation has been completed.

Now that Black Lives Matter “activists” are outside of this officer’s home, it leads to the question about at what point this becomes unlawful harassment and stalking.

The investigation into the officer-involved shooting incident with Officer Pownall is ongoing, with separate investigations by the Philadelphia Police Department and the District Attorney’s Office.

Below is the video live-stream from the protest. Do you think that this should be legal? Or do you think it is criminal stalking? We’d like to hear what you think. Please let us know in the comments.