Judge Refuses To Dismiss Police Officer’s Lawsuit Against Black Lives Matter Leader, DeRay Mckesson, For Inciting Violence

The lawsuit against Black Lives Matter leader Deray Mckesson is still in progress.

The lawsuit against Black Lives Matter leader Deray Mckesson is still in progress.

Officer’s Lawsuit Against Black Lives Matter Leader DeRay Mckesson Still Active

Baton Rouge, Louisiana –  DeRay Mckesson, the organizer of a violent Black Lives Matter riot, is being sued by a Baton Rouge Police Officer for injuries received during the riot. Mckesson urged a federal judge to throw the lawsuit out on Monday, but the judge has so far allowed the case to go forward.

According to The Advocate, the Baton Rouge Police Officer was injured during the riots that occurred four days after the death of Alton Sterling.  An unknown suspect threw a chunk of concrete at the officer, which knocked out part of his teeth and caused other injuries.

In response, the officer sued Mckesson, who organized what is described as a protest but in reality was a riot.

The riot occurred outside Baton Rouge Police Department headquarters on July 9, 2016.  Mckesson is a prominent Black Lives Matter activist and came to Baton Rouge in July, 2016, “for the purpose” of “rioting to incite others to violence against police and other law enforcement officers,” according to the lawsuit.

Mckesson not only organized the riot, he was also in charge of it, and gave orders throughout the day and night. The officer’s lawsuit states that the unknown suspect who injured the Officer was “under the care and custody” of Mckesson.

The officer’s attorney said that Mckesson was directly responsible for the protest turning into a riot.  She said that the rioters were “begging for the Officers to come out and confront them.”

She also asked for the officer to remain anonymous out of fears for his and his family’s safety.  He was in court for the hearing on Monday.

Mckesson’s attorney said there is no danger to the police officer, ignoring the five Dallas Police Officers who were assassinated two days later, or Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Deputy and two other officers who were killed in an attack a week later.

His attorney also said that there is no justification for allowing the police officer to sue Mckesson or Black Lives Matter anonymously despite the known “pattern of some pretty violent activity” which define what they call protests and what are actually riots.

At least three law suits are pending against the City of Baton Rouge, the Baton Rouge Police Department, and three Baton Rouge Police Officers from Black Lives Matter rioters accusing police of civil rights violations.

Baton Rouge Police Officers arrested nearly 200 rioters following Sterling’s death after days of rioting and chaos within the City.  The prosecutor’s office then chose not to prosecute most of those arrests, resulting in the criminals feeling justified in their unlawful actions.  Mckesson was one of the suspects arrested who had charges dropped.

The city of Baton Rouge then agreed to pay the rioters $500 each for arresting them when they illegally blocked a highway.

Chief U.S. District Judge Brian Jackson took all arguments under advisement on Monday and said he would issue a ruling within a few days.

This Baton Rouge Police Officer suffered permanent injury, and continues to fear for his and his family’s health and safety.  None of this might have happened if DeRay Mckesson had not come to Baton Rouge and incited a riotous crowd. He is responsible, and the officer has the same right to sue that the rioters do.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Officer and his family.

Do you think that prosecutors should be removed if they refuse to charge people for illegally blocking roads? We’d like to hear what you think. Please let us know in the comments.