‘Black Lives Matter’ Chanted As Cop Was Stabbed in UK

‘Black Lives Matter’ Chanted As Cop Was Stabbed in UK.

Black Lives Matter has been thought to be a uniquely American group of fools. Those days may be over now that a group of black youths started a riot and attacked Constables (police officers) while chanting “Black Lives Matter.” On Tuesday night, Constables responded to an illegal rave with around 4,000 people in attendance. People were being assaulted and there was open drug use. Constables attempted to contact the event organizers in order to safely get the crowd dispersed. The party-goers decided that they were going to refuse to cooperate with law enforcement.

Video of the scene when police arrived:

Bottles and rocks were thrown at the Constables. One cop was stabbed, one was struck in the head, and several others were hit by flying debris. Five Constables needed to be hospitalized. A grocery store was also ransacked.

The rioters chanted “Black Lives Matter” and “fuck the police,” although it’s not clear what the police did to raise their ire besides tell them, “No.” It’s not clear if this is the violent temper-tantrum of entitled criminals, or if they actually have links to Black Lives Matter in the United States. Most rioters rarely care for any actual cause, they just use it as an excuse to commit criminal acts. It’s possible that these youths decided that they would use the unrest in America to try to justify their own criminal acts.

One Constable with the Metropolitan Police Service that contacted us advised that he could only, “chalk this up to opportune criminality.”

There only appears to be one recent event of note where a Constable killed a black man. In December, an armed Constable contacted a gang member who reached for a gun; the Constable then shot him dead and was promptly arrested for homicide. There’s no indication that event was related to this riot.