Black Lives Matter Assault Police During Arrest At Charlotte Airport Immigration Protest

Picture from a prior "protest" by Charlotte Uprising

Picture from a prior “protest” by Charlotte Uprising

Police Arrest Black Lives Matter Agitators At Airport Protest

Charlotte, NC – Black Lives Matter is continuing their tactics of trying to hijack a protest about anything else to try to make it about them. In this latest stunt, six people were arrested following a skirmish with police.

WFAE reports that at around 9 PM Saturday, 60 protesters swarmed Charlotte-Douglas International Airport with signs that said, “No hate. No fear. Immigrants are welcome here.”

The airport didn’t draw much of a crowd because no foreign nationals were detained there.

Officers stood by to protect the first amendment activities, when around 10 PM, members of Black Lives Matter and Charlotte Uprising started yelling profanities at the police and acting disorderly. Charlotte Uprising is the Black Lives Matter group involved in the Charlotte riots. The group claims that Keith Scott was unarmed at the time a black officer shot him, despite overwhelming proof that Scott was armed.

Officers moves in to arrest the disorderly group, who resisted and became assaultive. Dhruv Pathak, 23; Samantha Valdez, 24; Eleanor Everette, 16; Michael Johnson, 24; Gloria Merriweather, 24; and James Marsicano, 23, were arrested for “Resist, Obstruct and Delay and Trespass.”

Following the scuffle, police had to ask the remaining protesters to leave the building because of potential safety concerns. The group slowly filtered out by 10:30 PM.

With Black Lives Matter trying to hijack protests and inspire aggression and violence, do you think protesters for other causes should condemn them? Please let us know on our Facebook page or in the comments below.


    Bunch of jackasses

  • David Douglass

    This action by BLM is just further proof of their intent to be a terroristic organization by abusing the rights of lawful citizens.

    • Harry-Barbara Whitworth

      They have been a terrorist organization ever since George Soros started the group.

  • Charles P
  • run2net

    Should be declared a domestic terror organization immediately.

  • vicpowers

    They’re all bricks in the same wall… Ask Pink Floyd if you don’t believe me…

  • LT714RET

    I wonder how the SPLC has them listed. They were so quick to judge Tea Party.

  • ChiefD

    BLM is a terrorist organization. They, and the Black Panthers, should be labeled as such and treated as such. If black lives mattered, why aren’t these organizations protesting and raising hell in Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis and other cities where black on black killing go on every day? They are a racist, rabid group that needs to be monitored and if they break any law, brought to justice. Obama is not there to protect and coddle them anymore.

  • RTravs

    Shut down George Soros and you shut down the gravy train!

  • duder1897

    Attacking a police officer or any first responder should result in an automatic 25 year jail sentence.

  • James Glazier

    Not surprising. The government must declare BLM a terrorist group as that is what they are.