Community Officer App Launches, Bitwise Solutions Donates It To IMPD

Bitwise solutions provided free software for IMPD.

Bitwise solutions provided free software for IMPD.

IMPD Gets Free Software From Bitwise Solutions

Carmel, IN – Bitwise Solutions in Carmel, Indiana has donated a newly developed application to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.  The application, Community Officer, will enable officers to streamline public assistance to those in need working through an app the officers will have access to.

Since law enforcement are usually the first to respond to calls for help, a new level of community policing can be attained through the use of the new application.  The app was donated free of charge to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department by the Carmel based business, in hopes of assisting their local police department.

Birthed out of a respect for law enforcement, Ron Brumbarger the founder of Bitwise Solutions, donated hundreds of hours to developing the new application.  He is also the author of a new book, You’re Always Being Interviewed, and the co-owner, along with his wife Cindy, of The Master’s Study, a tutelage school.  Brumbarger says the application is a ” ‘prefer to refer’ idea.”  The new technology will link citizens with local social services that can help with immediate needs. He partnered with Captain Jerry Leary to ensure the application is relevant and up-to-date with real time needs on the street.

IMPD Officer David Bolling sees the needs first-hand.  He is assigned to North District and explained to WTHR, “The vast majority of our runs are non-criminal in nature.  A lot of the problems we encounter aren’t things that can be mediated, nor can we arrest to solve the problem.”  He goes on to explain that most dispatched runs in his area stem from substance abuse, poverty, or other social issues.  Getting resources to the area is critical in lowering crime.

Lt. Brian Churchhill, who leads IMPD’s Community Engagement Office, a division where officers can focus on social issues, agrees.  “It’s a new way of thinking about police work,” the new technology could “revolutionize” crime prevention, he said.  The goal of the application is to streamline resources to those in need and reduce the need for police resources in an area.  “Help fix the problem that led to the 911 call and then he doesn’t have to come back again later, because you’ve not only dealt with the issue at hand, you’ve come up with a solution to the problem that led to the 911 call,” said Churchill.

“If it saves a life, mission accomplished. If it helps kids over here get access to heat and food and clothing, in the middle of winter…like we’re going to see this coming weekend, mission accomplished…why wouldn’t we do that?” explained Brumbarger at a recent event held by IMPD.  Community Officer offers a new metric of measuring the success of a police department.  It will also track the success of the referral system with built in graphs and reports.

The application will be available to the officers either on a mobile or desktop version.  They will take the name, contact information, resource needed, and input it in to the Community Officer app.  The referral is then sent to a ‘hub’ that will distribute the referral to an internal department service or social service agency.  The agencies are well vetted according to public works officials and will be held to the highest accountability when handling all referrals.

Indianapolis has been on the leading end of revolutionary police work under their recent Chief of Police Troy Riggs.  A legacy that many believe will be carried forward by newly appointed Chief Bryan Roach.  Indianapolis officers have received extensive training in handling social service issues and have been a model for other agencies across the country. Under Chief Riggs they dispersed thousands of meals through mobile food banks and have gotten resources to those left behind in the vacuum of crime.

For more information on how Community Officer can help your agency, you can visit their website here.

Thank you Bitwise Solutions for the countless hours you spent to develop and pilot this program.  Community partnerships are integral to successful law enforcement agencies and you have been an exemplary example.