Off-Duty Hero Saves Citizens From Deranged Man in Texas

An off-duty Beaumont Police Officer shot and killed a suspect who was attacking people with a baseball bat.

An off-duty Beaumont Police Officer shot and killed a suspect who was attacking people with a baseball bat.

Off-Duty Hero Saves Citizens From Deranged Man in Texas

Beaumont, TX – During the pre-dawn hours Friday morning, an off-duty Beaumont Texas police officer was compelled to defend multiple people from a vicious assault.

Chaz Logan York, 23, of Vidor was armed with a baseball bat and had assaulted several people before the officer intervened and ultimately, shot and killed the assailant.

The incident was reported to have started shortly after 1 AM in the parking lot of a strip mall on Dowlen Road. Police Spokesperson Sergeant Cody Guedry said that York had been involved in multiple disturbances in this same area and had reportedly assaulted several victims. The victims were described as both males and females.

The off-duty hero, who has not been identified as of yet, was not involved in any of the disturbances but recognized the danger to the victims and intervened. The department press release indicated that York attempted to attack the officer with a baseball bat and the officer discharged his weapon multiple times. York was pronounced deceased at the scene.

The officer has been placed on administrative leave, which is standard procedure, while the investigation is ongoing. BPD spent the greater part of the day identifying and interviewing witnesses.

No motive for the disturbances or the attacks on the citizens has been released at this time.

The Beaumont Police Department and the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office are asking for any additional witnesses to please contact 409-880-3830 or 409-835-8550.

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  • Madison Fuller

    Regardless of whether or not Chas was innocent, shooting a human 5+ times should NEVER be considered a hero! This article is absolutely mind blowing and disrespectful to so many! This is a tragedy, the word “hero” should not even be a thought. Completely bogus. You should be ashamed.

    • John Wood

      I don’t know if you’ve ever used a baseball bat, or been at the receiving end of one, but one hit can be lethal. The officer used his training and put down a threat. End of story.

      • Spencer Bittle

        Thank you.

    • Spencer Bittle

      If you just watched some crazed lunatic beat women like what was mentioned and was confirmed, to add, and was trying to attack people with a damn bat. You ma’am have never been in a situation where your life or others around you have been in jeopardy. I bet you follow the Kardashians too! Shame….jump to conclusions while the media leads you astray.

    • Mitzi Lee Mobly-Hackfeld

      Madison are you trained and or educated in the use of deadly force? I am. I have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. I also hold a Master Peace Officer license and have 8+ years of practical experience as a police officer. I would suggest you Google “Use of Force Continuum” and educate yourself. You and I have no idea what exactly happened to cause the officer to use that amount of Force but I probably have more of a clue than you do. It most likely took the five shots to stop the threat. You don’t know if the suspect was under the influence of drugs and or alcohol. I’ve seen a suspect under the influence who was shot more than five times who was still standing and able to return fire and shoot an officer. The suspect survived but the officer did not. You don’t know where the officer’s five rounds made impact on the suspect’s body. There could’ve been four that grazed and only one lethal. You just don’t know so keep your uneducated Monday morning quarterbacking to yourself. I don’t care if you have friends and or family who are officers because if you’re not trained and educated in law enforcement your uninformed uneducated opinion doesn’t count. One last question if that was you, your family and or your friends would you want someone to do.anything necessary to save you all’s lives? I bet so and just so you know a baseball bat falls under the category of a deadly weapon. The use or exhibition of a deadly weapon bypasses any level on the use of force continuum straight up to the use of deadly force. Again, educate yourself.

      • Don’t listen to the media

        Educate yourself this story is not true

        • Mitzi Lee Mobly-Hackfeld

          Even if it’s not true the information I presented about the use of continuum as well as a baseball bat being a deadly weapon is true and good information.

  • Paula Bodiford

    That officer is a hero! He saved many lives from what the article said and another officer was able to return home to his family. And for all these people that question the number of shots, would you please go take a defense class so you will know what you’re talking about. You shot until the threat stops. If someone is coming at you I bet you will not shoot once then wait to see what happens. What happened to common sense?!?!

    • Don’t listen to the media

      Chaz York ran away from the police officer

  • Adam Aragon

    I think it’s a little early to post that the cop who was off duty at a bar with a gun that may have shot a man in the back whom may have had a bat is a hero.

  • disqus_Fu9HTKBYZr

    Not all of the information has been released on this investigation. And all reports at this moment are speculation. Please do wait for all of the information and the full report before passing judgment to either side.