Four Arrested After Viral Video Shows Them Beating Up Trump Supporter

beating up trump supporter

Four Arrested After Viral Video Shows Them Beating Up Trump Supporter

Chicago, Illinois – The idiots who filmed themselves beating up trump supporter in viral video are now behind bars.

The day after Donald Trump became the president-elect, a video went viral that you may have seen come across your Facebook feed. The video shows several black males, who appear to be teenagers, showing their dislike for a man who voted for Trump in the elections.

The video starts off with these morons filming themselves committing several felonies. The 50-year-old man in the video, later identified as David Wilcox, is being pummeled while on the ground by his assailants as they taunt him for voting Trump. As soon as the man can get his footing and stand up, they start at him again, punching him in the face over and over.

It doesn’t show it in the video below, but there is an extended video showing them jumping in Wilcox’s car and driving off while he hangs off of the side of the car.

Julian Christian, 26; Dejuan Collins, 20; Rajane Lewis, 21; and a 17-year-old female police would not identify were arrested.

CBS Chicago reports that the 4 people involved were charged with one count of vehicular hijacking and they will all appear in court on Friday. After watching the video, that appears to be some pretty light charging.

This is one incident out of many that have been taking place across America since the presidential elections. Crybaby Trumpfest 2016 is still occurring every night in major cities all over the United States.

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