‘Battle Of New Orleans’ Promises Armed Battle In City On Sunday

The Battle of New Orleans on Sunday promises to be a gathering of violent extremists.

The Battle of New Orleans on Sunday promises to be a gathering of violent extremists, we imagine they’ll look like this.

Battle of New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana – The “Battle Of New Orleans” on Sunday promises to be an armed confrontation between fringe groups on the right and the left, with some calling this the start of a new civil war. Busloads of armed extremists on both sides are reportedly heading to New Orleans, ready for an armed confrontation.

The situation all started in 2015 after domestic terrorist Dylann Roof murdered nine people, all black, in a South Carolina Church with the intention of sparking a race-war. Roof, a white supremacist, was known to wave the confederate battle flag, sparking a renewed discussion if the flag was a symbol of hate.

Along with backlash against the confederate battle flag, it was also suggested that civil war monuments were symbols of hate as well. At the time, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu called for the removal of the city’s civil war monuments.

“Robert E. Lee was a very important historical figure not only in the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana but nationally as well, but whether or not that’s the appropriate place to recognize him, I think is open for discussion. That’s really what museums are for,” Mayor Landrieu said in 2015, according to Fox 8.

The New Orleans city council voted 6-1 in December 2015 to remove the city’s civil war monuments from public display, with the goal of having them moved into museums. After over a year of legal battles and threats against city workers, in March, a federal judge affirmed the city’s right to move the monuments.

Since then, Louisiana House Bill 71 was introduced to prohibit the removal of war monuments without a vote of the people. However, even if the bill passes, it is unlikely to pass in time to stop the removal of all four of the monuments in New Orleans.

On April 24th, the Battle of Liberty Place monument was fenced off in the middle of the night by city workers who were wearing body armor and face masks. After repeated threats towards workers, police snipers took overwatch as workers removed the statue before daybreak.

Since then, the monument supporters, some armed, have surrounded the statue of Jefferson Davis around the clock. The armed protesters appear to be at odds with state law. Open carry is legal in Louisiana, but weapons are prohibited within 1,000 feet of a school or daycare. The Jefferson Davis statue is located within that school zone.

On May 1st, anarchists calling themselves anti-fascists (Antifa) showed up in a truck to harass the monument protesters. After a verbal altercation, the Antifa group started throwing objects at the monument protesters, resulting in a brawl between the two groups. New Orleans PD arrested three anarchists and two monument protesters for disturbing the peace, crossing a police cordon, and possession of marijuana and public intoxication.

Since then, there have been (unconfirmed) reports coming in of busloads of anarchists and black nationalists entering the city for a planned attack on the monuments on Sunday, which is being called the “Battle of New Orleans.” Between the looming government removal of the monuments along with the alleged threat of anarchists attacking, armed right-wing extremists, white supremacists, neo-nazis, outlaw motorcycle gangs, southern history buffs, and the anti-antifa crowd are all heading to New Orleans to defend the monuments.

The Battle of New Orleans will be different than the battles of Berkeley.

In the Battles of Berkeley, anarchists attacked anybody who was perceived to be a Trump supporter. The shameful lack of police response created a vacuum which drew in crowds of patriots who wanted to confront the anarchists; something that the police administrators refused to do.

There were racists present on the pro-Trump side, but they were vastly outnumbered by patriotic Americans who didn’t want to stand by and watch the anarchists win.

The basis behind the New Orleans protest is to block the government’s action of removing the memorials. Hordes of white supremacist organizations and anti-government militias (people who take survivalist LARPing way too seriously,) have vowed to be present to defend the monuments from both the government and the anarchists, who may or may not be coming.

These are the people who inappropriately touch themselves while dreaming of armed revolution.

Many anti-Antifa patriots are also being drawn to the event by the rumors of an anarchist response, but they are going to be mixed into a white supremacist protest against the government government.

The delusional LARPers have already been spreading false rumors that Antifa is using the event to commit “active shooter” attacks, and that the police are aiding them, increasing hostility towards police and the demand to bring more weapons.

Needless to say, this is going to be an extremely dangerous environment for New Orleans police officers.

It’s hard to say if the anarchists will even show. The anarchists have a history of avoiding situations where they won’t win, as evidenced by the last Berkeley confrontation where they backed out due to being outnumbered.

The anarchists also try to avoid people who respond with violence. Anarchists are used to declaring any Trump-supporter to be a nazi, and attacking everyday patriots. When they tried to fight actual violent racists in Sacramento, 10 people got stabbed, and since then they have largely avoided the violent variety of racists.

Heat stroke is likely to be involved as well, as people from out of state try to withstand the New Orleans heat wearing black clothing and body armor. If people fail to stay cool and hydrated, they might start overwhelming emergency medical services.

Whatever happens, we wish our brothers and sisters in blue the best of luck. Our thoughts and prayers are with them while they deal with the masses of nutjobs that descend on their city. The New Orleans Police Department may try to prepare the best they can, but this situation is so volatile, there’s no telling what may happen.

We’ll be covering these events as they play out on Sunday.

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