Infant Dies At Baltimore Shooting Protest As Police Hero Tried To Save Her

Major Richard Gibson did everything humanly possible to try to save the baby girl who died at the protest.

Major Richard Gibson did everything humanly possible to try to save the baby girl who died at the protest.

Major Richard Gibson Rushed To The Aid Of Infant Who Stopped Breathing

Baltimore, MD – An infant died Saturday at the protest for the officer-involved shooting of an armed man. Major Richard Gibson was the hero who rushed to help.

An unidentified woman brought her 1-month-old baby girl with her to protest Friday’s officer-involved shooting. At some point, the baby’s mother took her inside a restaurant to feed the infant. The baby stopped breathing, and people rushed to the police for help.

Baltimore Police Department Major Richard Gibson was patrolling around the protest and rushed to the baby when he heard that she wasn’t breathing. The officer performed CPR until medics arrived, but they were unable to save the girl.

While the wisdom of bringing a 1-month-old to the protest may be in question, there’s no indication of any wrongdoing by the mother which may have contributed to the infant’s death. The infant’s cause of death is not known at this time.

Major Richard Gibson answered the call to try to resuscitate a dead baby girl, and while there’s nothing that he could have possibly done to save her, he’s still a hero.

The protesters are upset about the officer-involved shooting of a man who was armed with two knives and threatening people at a bus stop. Officer Gary Brown and Officer Supreme Jones confronted the man, attempted to de-escalate, and even risked their lives to try to use a Taser to get the knife-wielding man under control, but nothing worked. Finally, both officers were forced to defend their lives by shooting the man. The suspect has not been identified publicly and is still in critical condition.

One of the involved officers was wearing a body camera at the time of the shooting.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis reviewed the video of the incident, and praised the officer’s response. ” I’m so proud of these officers, the way they responded to the scene, the way they attempted to de-escalate. Unfortunately, that didn’t work,” Davis said.

Even as the protesters attack the police for defending their lives, they are still the ones the protesters call when somebody needs to be saved. Do you ever think that these protesters will ever recognize the heroes who they are protesting? Let us know on our Facebook page or in the comments below.