Bahamas Travel Advisory: Be Afraid Of American Police

Bahamas travel advisory

Bahamas travel advisory with helpful photo of a Bahamanian junkanoo (ebodie/Flickr)

A Bahamas travel advisory had been issued to its citizens, warning against traveling to the United States, because they may be killed by racist American police officers. It seems that Black Lives Matter is now outsourcing their false narrative. It is absolutely ignorant for an entire nation to publicly announce to their citizens that American police officers may kill them just for their skin color. This country is having enough troubles with racial tension as it is, we do not need outside agitators adding their own fuel to the mix of already highly volatile combination of ignorance and hate.

The Washington Post reports:

Over 90 percent of residents in the Bahamas are black, and Monday is a national holiday, when some travel north from the archipelago to vacation in the United States. But following deadly police shootings this week of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota — and an ambush of white officers in Texas — the island nation on Friday advised its residents to be extra careful if they choose to do travel here.

The reason: “recent tensions in some American cities over shootings of young black males by police officers.”

It was the kind of advisory that the U.S. government has issued recently for travel under the repressive regime in Laos, or to the developing nation of Nicaragua: watch out for the security situation, and beware of street demonstrations, the State Department warned.

On Friday, however, those red flags were turned around on the United States.

The Bahamian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration urged its citizens to exercise “appropriate caution” when traveling to the United States, and especially to cities where recent police shootings have occurred.

“Do not get involved in political or other demonstrations under any circumstances and avoid crowds,” the government warned.

The Bahamian government specifically advised its young male citizens to take “extreme caution” with police. “Do not be confrontational and cooperate,” the government warned.

Despite the absurd reason for giving the warning to “young males,” the advice given here is actually great. Maybe they can convince more of our citizens to “not be confrontational and cooperate.”