Baby Left In Hot Car Gets Saved By Police Captain Black

Captain Ed Black saved a baby who had been left in a hot car.

Captain Ed Black saved a baby who had been left in a hot car.

Baby Left In Hot Car Gets Saved By Police Captain Black.

Kaufman, Texas – A Texas police captain’s quick thinking and first aid saved the life of a 9 month old baby who was suffering after being left inside a hot car.

The incident happened last Friday in Kaufman, TX at 11:30 in the morning.  As Investigations Captain Ed Black was at the police headquarters, he received the dispatch alerting officers that a baby was left inside a vehicle on Melody Circle.  Captain Black, who is a father of three, rushed to the residence to find the baby unresponsive and in the arms of his grandmother.  A few moments after Black gathered cold wet towels and wrapped him up, Baby Alexander regained consciousness and was rushed to the hospital.

Captain Black said on the police department’s Facebook page that “I grabbed the baby and his skin burned my hands, he was that hot”.

“I never held a baby that was this hot, it almost burned my hands,” said Captain Black. “And that’s when I really got scared.”

Black went on to urge his residents, “We have got to stop forgetting that children are in the back seat!”  The captain ended with another reminder, “Now go hug your kids.”

Baby Alexander was rushed to the hospital where he was treated and released after a few hours. Alexander’s grandmother could potentially face endangerment charges for forgetting the baby in the back seat.

With Texas temperatures known to soar, Friday’s heat in the Dallas suburb of 6,700 residents reached 97 degrees.  Surely any longer in the hot car or without Black’s quick and thoughtful care, this experience would have proven much worse for baby Alexander.

We salute Captain Black on his quick thinking and know that Kaufman Texas is honored to call him one of their finest.

Now, as the Captain has ordered, go hug your kids.

  • ladywriter24

    good job, captain. I’m having difficulty seeing how anyone can …forget…a child is in the back seat. I have 6 g-kids with the youngest being almost 3 (next week) and if I left her in the back seat, she would have no trouble in reminding me. here in las vegas the heat inside the cars easily reaches in excess of 125 degrees. you just don’t go off and leave/forget a child in the car.

    • Brenda Marie Jenkins

      Exactly my thoughts. I’m not a perfect parent, but you can bet your ass I’ll never be so rushed or distracted to forget my baby in the car. People need to get their priorities straight.