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Based Centurion after he was attacked at the Battle of New Orleans

IN PROGRESS: White Supremacists Scuffle With Patriots At ‘Battle Of New Orleans’

New Orleans, Louisana – As opposing groups are gathering for the Battle of New Orleans, a group…

The Battle of New Orleans on Sunday promises to be a gathering of violent extremists.

‘Battle Of New Orleans’ Promises Armed Battle In City On Sunday

New Orleans, Louisiana – The “Battle Of New Orleans” on Sunday promises to be an armed…

Three groups are squaring off at the Minnesota Capitol - Trump supporters, white nationalists, and Antifa

Pro-Trump Marchers, Anarchists, White Nationalists Scuffle At Minnesota Capitol

St. Paul, MN – Three groups are squaring off at the State Capitol as pro-Trump…

Barbara Lowery appears proud of herself after being booked for disorderly conduct after stomping out a windshield.

VIDEO: Barbara Lowery Stomps Out Windshield Of Somebody Who May Or May Not Be Her Boyfriend

Cullman, Alabama – Barbara Lowery, 24, was arrested after being captured on video…

May Day riots erupted in major cites.

Video Coverage Of Monday Night May Day Riots 2017

May Day riots on Monday resulted in officers across the nation being attacked with bombs, glass bottles, cans of Pepsi…

Antifa is expected to draw large numbers of people to the riot on May Day in Seattle.

Seattle May Day Riot Primer – What You Need to Know Before Anarchists Run Wild

Seattle, WA – It’s May 1st, May Day, and in Seattle that means it’s riot day.