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Longview City Council Candidate, Megan Richie, lied to reporters about her encounter with police.

City Council Candidate Tells False Police Brutality Story, Newspaper Runs It Without Fact-Checks

Longview, WA – An otherwise boring campaign for Longview City Council got a lot more interesting after candidate Megan Richie fabricated a story about being victimized by police brutality at the hands of Federal Way Police Department, and the newspaper ran it with no apparent fact checking.

Alien Gear Holsters posted to social media suggesting that officers shot Antoquan Watson too many times.

Alien Gear Holsters Bashes Police For Shooting Man Who Was Shooting At Them

Alien Gear Holsters made a post to their Facebook page Thursday morning which was critical of the officer-involved shooting of Antoquan Watson, suggesting that officers shouldn’t have shot him so many times.

A Microsoft spokesman has responded after an officer said he was banned for a police picture on Xbox Live.

UPDATE: Microsoft Responds To Banning Cop From Xbox Live And Telling Him Not To Post Cop Pictures

Microsoft has responded after a report that that they had suspended a cop’s account on Xbox Live for posting a picture of a police officer holding a flag, and then telling him not to post police or military pictures to avoid a ban.

Ismael Chamu was one of the two students arrested for vandalism around UC Berkeley.

Two UC Berkeley Students Arrested on Felony Hate Crime for ‘F- White People,’ ‘Kill Cops’ Graffiti

Berkeley, CA – Two UC Berkeley students have been arrested for hate crimes in connection with vandalism which included 17 slashed tires, and graffiti which said “F— White People” and “Kill Cops.”

Video shows a crowd of people rush to the defense of a teenage robbery suspect at WinCo.

VIDEO: Store Robbery Suspect Detained By Store Employees, Other Shoppers Rush To Her Defense

Vancouver, WA – A video has been posted to social media which shows a a crowd rushing to the defense of a teenage…

Virginia State Police had to use tear gas to clear our an unlawful assembly of Black Lives Matter protesters on Saturday.

VIDEOS: Police Use Tear Gas To Clear Out Black Lives Matter Protesters At Charlottesville KKK Rally

Police Release Tear Gas At Charlottesville KKK Rally Charlottesville, VA – A planned Charlottesville KKK rally and counter-protest planned for Saturday ended with tear gas and 23 arrests. Around 50…

A man was shot for dragging a dead raccoon along the side of the highway.

Man Shot In Argument Over Raccoon

Belfair, WA – An argument over a dead raccoon resulted in one man…

The Haymaker Collective Antifa gym in Chicago is possibly the best thing on the internet today.

WATCH: Inside Look At Antifa’s Laughable Martial Arts Training Gym, ‘Haymaker Collective’

Chicago, IL – An anti-fascist (Antifa) group has opened up their martial arts training “gym” in Chicago called “Haymaker Collective.”

A mob of Antifa in Seattle beat a man at a protest.

WATCH: Antifa Mob Beats Man In Seattle, Then Open Carrying Anarchist Learns How Stupid He Is

Seattle, WA – At the “March Against Sharia” protest in Seattle…

Police protect protesters in San Bernadino after fights break out.

Over 28 Planned Protests Underway For Saturday, June 10 – Here’s Who’s Whining, And What The Whining’s About

Over 28 nationwide protests are planned in major…