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A new law could make domestic terrorism its own crime.

DOJ Drafting Law Which Will Make Domestic Terrorism A Crime, Because It’s Not Already

Prior to the domestic terrorist attack in Charlottesville, 2017 has seen an enormous increase in domestic terrorism. It seems the politics have taken a turn and people think that it’s okay to commit acts of violence against people who oppose their political beliefs.

ACLU Field Coordinator Chris Robarge posted in defense of Antifa.

ACLU’s Field Coordinator Defends Antifa From Non-Violent Leftists – Suggests Their Tactics Are Necessary

Worcester, MA – Chris Robarge, the Central Massachusetts Field Coordinator for the ACLU of Massachusetts, recently posted to social media in defense of Antifa.

Triggered Antifa went on a crazy rant against anti-racist protesters.

VIDEO: Triggered Antifa Turns On Non-Violent Marchers For Refusing To Riot With Them

Seattle, WA – An Antifa marcher went unhinged on her fellow marchers after the group she was with refused to riot with them (video below.) This is perhaps the greatest Antifa video that I’ve ever seen.

President Trump called out the Alt-Left in Charlottesville.

WATCH: Trump Calls Out Violent ‘Alt-Left’ At Charlottesville – Everybody Loses Their Minds

New York City, NY – President Donald Trump gave a speech about infrastructure on Tuesday, which was quickly derailed by reporters into discussing the terrorist attack in Charlottesville.

Antifa was stopped by Seattle PD on their way to confront a Patriot Prayer rally.

UPDATING: In Progress – Antifa Marching To Confront Patriots Decide To Take On Police

Seattle, WA – A Patriot Prayer pro-Trump rally scheduled for 2 PM in Seattle came under threat of violence as an estimate over one-thousand people joined a march led by Antifa to confront them.

Jason Kessler was punched in the face on Sunday after speaking about Saturday's event.

VIDEO: Charlottesville Mob Swarms In, Punches ‘Unite The Right’ Organizer Jason Kessler

Charlottesville, VA – The white nationalist organizer of Saturday’s fatal Unite The Right rally spoke on Sunday blaming police for the violence on Saturday.

Police chased down one person after violence broke out at the "Unite The Right" rally on Friday night.

VIDEO: Brawl Breaks Out With Hundreds Of White Nationalists And Counter-Protesters

Charlottesville, SC – A massive white nationalist rally which was scheduled for Saturday got off to an early start on Friday night as the white nationalists rallied with tiki torches at the University of Virginia Jefferson Statue.

The Sunday Patriot Prayer Freedom March turned into a street-brawl when Antifa attacked the group.

VIDEO: Antifa And Patriot Prayer Group Brawl In Portland – Skateboards Used As Weapons

Portland, OR – A Patriot Prayer “Freedom March” was interrupted when a large group of Antifa attacked the Patriot Prayer group.

Estherwood Assistant Chief resigned after posting a racist meme on Facebook.

Estherwood Assistant Chief Wayne Welsh Resigns Over Racist Meme

Estherwood, LA – The Estherwood Assistant Chief Wayne Welsh has resigned from his position after backlash for a grossly inappropriate and racist meme he shared on Facebook.

Proctor & Gamble is promoting a "racist police" narrative in order to connect with black consumers.

WATCH: Procter & Gamble Uses ‘Racist Police’ Message To Connect With Black Customers

Procter & Gamble has launched a new ad campaign which targets black people in an attempt to get them to buy more of their products. They decided that the best way to accomplish this was by letting them know that they think the police are racist.