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Gainesville Police Department is receiving international attention over a photo of their officers.

‘As If Florida Wasn’t Already Wet Enough’ Gainesville Police Get Unexpected Attention In FB Post

Gainesville, FL – Gainesville Police Department thought that they were just posting a picture of their night shift officers who were ready to go out in the storm, but the post quickly went viral after Facebook users started commenting on the appearance of the officers.

Antifa started attacking police at a Portland Patriot Prayer Rally on Sunday.

UPDATING LATEST: Antifa Attacking Police In Portland At Rally w/Video

Portland, OR – Antifa counter-protesters, who showed up to protest a Patriot Prayer rally in Portland, became violent and attacked police officers on Sunday at around 1:20 PM.

Video shows a Salt Lake City detective arresting Nurse Alex Wubbels.

EXPLANATION: Utah Nurse Arrested For Blocking Blood Draw

Salt Lake City, UT – A viral video shows a Salt Lake City detective arresting a nurse for blocking a blood draw, leaving people looking for answers.

Kenneth Storey has now been fired after his tweet about hurricane victims.

After Professor Says Hurricane Was ‘Karma’ For GOP, University Gives Him Some Instant Karma

Tampa, FL – After University of Tampa Professor Ken Storey called Hurricane Harvey “instant karma” for Texas, the professor is now on the receiving end of some instant karma himself.

University of Tampa Professor Ken Storey is an asshole.

University Of Tampa Professor Says Houston Deserves The ‘Instant Karma’

Tampa, FL – University of Tampa Sociology Professor Ken Storey tweeted out suggesting that people in Houston deserve to have been hit by a hurricane.

Thousands of antifa showed up to Berkeley even though the anti-Marxism march was canceled.

VIDEO: Thousands Of Masked Antifa Attack Protesters At Anti-Marxism Rally In Berkeley

Berkeley, CA – Thousands of masked antifa showed up to an anti-Marxism rally in Berkeley on Sunday with many carrying shields and attacked the anti-Marxism protesters.

Antifa attacked a man who identified himself as a journalist after they called him out over his polo shirt.

VIDEO: Antifa Assault Man, Steal His Cell Phone Because He’s Wearing Polo Shirt, And Nazis Wear Polos

San Francisco, CA – Video from a rally in San Francisco on Saturday shows a group of Antifa surrounding a man and calling him out as a Nazi because he’s wearing a polo shirt.

Josh Cobin was arrested for assaulting police and unlawful assembly.

Viral Trump Rioter, Josh ‘Pepperballs’ Cobin, Arrested – Claims He Did Nothing Wrong

Phoenix, AZ – Josh Cobin, the gas-mask-wearing rioter who kicked a gas canister at police and then got shot in the boys with a less-lethal round, was arrested and booked Thursday night for three count of felony aggravated assault on police and one misdemeanor count of unlawful assembly.

Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant is being sued by two Seattle police officers after she repeatedly called them murderers.

Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant Calls Two Officers ‘Racist Murders,’ So They Sue

Seattle, WA – Two Seattle Police Officers are suing city councilmember Kshama Sawant after she publicly called them “racist murderers” after they were forced to shoot Che Taylor in 2016, according to the lawsuit.

Antifa has been assaulting people, stealing, and vandalizing at the Portland free speech rally.

White House Petition To Designate Antifa As Terrorist Organization At 90k+ Signatures – Only 10k More Needed

A White House petition was started on Thursday for the federal government to officially designate Antifa as a terrorist organization. After just a few days, it’s already up over 90k signatures, with just under 10k more needed to get the White House to respond.