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Jessie Goline, 25, is accused of having sex with four students.

School Teacher Arrested For Sex With Students, Brought Two To Her House For Sex On Same Day

Jonesboro, AR – Now-former art teacher Jessie Goline was arrested for first-degree sexual assault on Wednesday after she is accused of starting sexual relationships with four high school students, including one who was “way younger” than 18-years-old.

A 'Whites Only' sign with a Black Lives Matter hashtag was placed on several restaurants.

FBI Investigating St. Louis Protesters Hanging ‘Whites Only’ Signs On Restaurants

St. Louis, MO – “Whites Only” signs were found posted up on St. Louis businesses Tuesday morning, but it wasn’t the owners who put the signs there; it was protesters.

Chief O'Toole: "The police own the night."

WATCH: Over 160 Rioters Arrested In St. Louis, Chief Says, ‘Police Own The Night’

St. Louis, MO – As of Monday evening, more than 160 rioters have been arrested by St. Louis law enforcement since the Jason Stockley verdict, according to ABC News.

Pizza restaurant owner Chris Sommers has voiced his dislike for police.

Owner Of Popular Pizza Restaurants Calls Police ‘Dimwits,’ Accuses Them Of Terrorizing St. Louis

St. Louis – Chris Sommers, the owner of St. Louis’ Pi Pizzaria and ‘ZZA restaurants, has taken to social media to bash the police, criticizing their response to rioting in St. Louis.

Kita Antwanette isn't woke enough to understand how racial segregation is necessary for protesting racism.

Protester Wonders Why St. Louis Protesters Are Racially Segregated, Gets It SJW’splained To Her

St. Louis, MO – A protester in St. Louis was seemingly dumbfounded by the way that the protesters racially segregate themselves, and asked why. In response, she got a dumbfounding explanation which lays out the protesters’ reasoning.

A police car was torched and two officers were injured during a riot at Georgia Tech.

BREAKING: Georgia Tech Officers Attacked, Car Torched By Rioters After Vigil For Student

Atlanta, GA – Two Georgia Tech police officers were injured after they were attacked by a rioting crowd Monday night following a candlelight vigil for a student who was fatally shot by officers after going at police with a knife.

City Limits Showgirls raised over $2.5k for the Yuba County Deputies who were shot.

Strippers Hold Topless Car Wash To Raise $2.5k For Deputies Who Were Shot

Marysville, CA – A group of strippers from City Limits Showgirls volunteered their time to hold a topless car wash to help raise money for two Yuba County Deputies who were shot on August 1st.

St. Louis police are accused by the ACLU of ramming into a crowd of protesters.

VIDEO: ACLU Accuses Police Of ‘Ramming A Police Car Into A Crowd’ – Video Shows The Truth

St. Louis, MO – The ACLU is accusing St. Louis area law enforcement of unlawfully detaining and arresting people, excessive force, unconstitutionally breaking up peaceful assembly, and “ramming a police car into a crowd,” during the St. Louis riots.

Rioters in St. Louis have been attacking police with unidentified chemicals.

Rioters Continue To Launch Chemical Attacks On Police

St. Louis, MO – Rioters in St. Louis have been launching chemical attacks on police officers, and the chemicals that they are using and their health effects are still not known.

There is a chemical leak at Curtis Bay Plant in Baltimore, prompting a shelter in place order.

BREAKING: Baltimore Issues Shelter In Place Order For Three Zip Codes, Close Windows For Level 3 Vapor Cloud

Baltimore, MD – The Baltimore Office Of Emergency Management has issued a shelter in place order for the zip codes of 21060, 21225, 21226 for an ongoing hazmat situation involving a chemical leak.