Author: Officer Blue

As of Monday morning, here's what we know about the Las Vegas shooting.

Investigators Find Evidence That Second Person May Have Been In Las Vegas Shooter’s Room Before Shooting

Las Vegas, NV – Investigators are looking into two pieces of evidence which suggest that another person may have been with Las Vegas shooter prior to the shooting event.

Adrian Jones escaped from Monroe City Police Department as they tried to arrest him.

VIDEO: Wanted Fugitive Resists Arrest, Runs Off – Cops Appear To Turn Around And Walk The Other Way

Monroe City, MO – A disturbing video has been released which shows a female Monroe City Police Department officer struggling with a wanted fugitive.

Corporal Michael Middlebrook's family is now set to get insurance.

Widow And Children Of Murdered Officer Told They’ll Lose Benefits One Week After Murder – City Working On Fix

Lafayette, LA – The widow and children of murdered Lafayette Police Department Corporal Michael Middlebrook were told by the city that they were set to lose their health insurance as of midnight Saturday.

A law enforcement officer, who appears to be a San Joaquin Deputy, was recorded on cell phone video running away from a violent suspect on Wednesday.

VIDEO: Suspect Attacks Officer – Officer Runs Away While Suspect Beats On Him

Tracy, CA – A viral video shows an incident between what appears to be a San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Deputy and a suspect Wednesday evening.

The Patrick Harmon shooting video has been released as the shooting was determined to be justified.

VIDEO: ‘Black Man Shot While Running Away’ Is Really A Felon Getting Taken Out Before He Kills Cops

Salt Lake City, UT – Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill has determined that the officer-involved shooting of Patrick Harmon, 50, on August 13 was legally justified.

Fired CBS Vice President, Hayley Geftman-Gold, has filed a police report over online harassment after her remarks about the Las Vegas shooting.

Fired CBS Exec., With No Sympathy For Las Vegas, Files Police Report Over Hostile Response

New York City – Now-former CBS Vice President, Hayley Geftman-Gold, has filed a police report with NYPD over online harassment that she’s received since her post about victims of the Las Vegas shooting went viral.

The #NoLackingChallenge is like a challenge coin challenge, but with loaded guns.

VIDEO: The #NoLackingChallenge Is Possibly The Dumbest Thing You’ll Ever See

A video has been going viral with the hashtag #NoLackingChallenge. The premise of the video is that people draw guns on others to see if they’re carrying.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was called a white supremacist and a Nazi for saying that blue lives matter and all lives matter.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Walking Dead’s Negan, Posts That ‘Blue Lives Do Matter;’ Then It Gets Ugly

On Tuesday, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, an actor who is known most recently for his role as Negan on The Walking Dead, posted a photo to Facebook and Instagram which shows him wearing a Thin Blue Line Flag Shirt.

A Crawfordsville Police Department officer fired at what appeared to be an armed robber.

VIDEO: Officer Shoots At Apparent Armed Robber – Turns Out To Be Movie Scene

Crawfordsville, IN – New bodycam video has been released which shows a police officer shooting at what appears to be an armed robber, but turned out to be an actor who was filming a robbery scene for a movie.

During the Las Vegas shooting, people dropped to the ground.

How To Survive A Shooting Like The Las Vegas Attack – What You Need To Know

Las Vegas, NV – After the shooting started in Las Vegas on Sunday night, footage of the scene shows the mass of people at the Jason Aldean concert dropping to the ground, afraid to move.