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Chicago PD Superintendent Eddie Johnson announced the latest change to the proposed use of force policy.

Chicago Police Ease Absurd Restrictions In New Use Of Force Policy

Chicago – Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson announced that the department has eased up on a proposed use of force policy.

Vickie Williams-Tillman is a hero after saving a Baton Rouge Police Officer.

Civilian Hero Vickie Williams-Tillman Saves Life Of Baton Rouge Officer

When Vickie Williams-Tillman saw a Baton Rouge police officer being viciously beaten over the head with his own baton by a crazed drug suspect, this hero took action.

A catapult was found flinging drugs over the border fence.

Mexican Smugglers Built Catapult Into Side Of Border Fence

Tucson, Arizona – Well, it seems Mexican drug smugglers are feverishly working on methods to get their product to the United States and will continue to make attempts even after The Great Wall of Trump is complete.

Seattle PD Officer Eric Michl's selfie.

Seattle Police Officer Eric Michl Used Selfie To Retrieve Uber Rider’s Purse

Seattle Police Officer Eric Michl used the power of persuasion and a timely selfie in helping return the property of a ride-share passenger.

Justin Bieber spent time with Orange County Sheriff's Deputies over the weekend.

Justin Bieber Reveals His Attitude Towards Police When Confronted With A Room Full Of Deputies

There has been a love-hate relationship between law enforcement and super-celeb Justin Bieber since the young singer gained prominence as a mega pop star.

Felix Perez is butt-hurt about NYPD arresting him.

Career Criminal Felix Perez Sues For $10 million After Shot In The Butt During Burglary

Felix Perez, a career burglar, is looking to steal an additional $10 million dollars from New York taxpayers after meeting a Forrest Gump-like fate while burglarizing a home in Queens.

Marques Bates assaulted Trooper Alaa Hamed and then two citizens rushed in to help the trooper.

Drunk Driver Marques Bates Attacked Trooper Alaa Hamed, Then Citizens Rushed-In To Help The Trooper

Hammond, Indiana – Marques Bates, a Chicago man who was pulled over Friday night for traffic violations, got more than he bargained for after running from and then fighting an Indiana State trooper.

Pittsburgh Steelers Assistant Coach Joey Porter was arrested after getting violently drunk.

The Curious Case Of Steelers Coach Joey Porter And The Dropped Charges

Pittsburgh, PA – There are some serious questions surrounding the curious case of Pittsburgh Steelers assistant coach Joey Porter.

PA State Trooper Landon Weaver was murdered Friday night.

Hero Down: PA State Trooper Landon Weaver Murdered

Pennsylvania State Trooper Landon Weaver, 23 years old, was shot and killed Friday evening while investigating a violation from a Protection From Abuse order in Huntingdon County.

BREAKING: Pennsylvania State Trooper Shot And Killed Near Hesston

BREAKING: Pennsylvania State Trooper Shot And Killed Near Hesston

BREAKING: Pennsylvania State Trooper Shot And Killed Near Hesston Pennsylvania State Trooper Landon Weaver was shot and killed on Friday evening, according to a report from WTAJ-TV. The shooting occurred during…