Author: Andrew Blake

Middletown K9 Hunter EOW 09/01/2017.

Hero Down: Middletown Police K9 Hunter Dies

Middletown, Connecticut – Middletown Police Department K9 Hunter had to be euthanized after it was discovered he had a very aggressive form of liver cancer.

Police released dash-cam video of a crash that killed five people, all believed to be teenagers. Police said there were rumors police pursued the car to the point of a crash, which was not true.

VIDEO: People Blame Police For Pursuing Car That Crashed, Killing 5 – But Dash Camera Shows Truth

Police released dash-cam video of a police chase that ended with a fiery crash that killed five people, all believed to be teenagers, in part to dispel rumors that an officer was pursuing the car at the time of the crash.

Black Lives Matter leader, Chanelle Helm, wrote a list of "resquests" that white people give their homes and money to people of color.

Black Lives Matter’s List ‘Requesting’ White People Give Away Their Homes, Money, And More

The cofounder and core organizer of Black Lives Matter Louisville released a wish list that included asking white people to get their fellow employees fired for being racist and giving their homes and money away to black and brown people.

Zachary Kingsbury was trying to elude police by jumping into the ocean soon found a more dangerous pursuer – a shark.

VIDEO: Man Flees Police By Jumping Into Ocean, Then The Shark Shows Up

Surf City, North Carolina – A man trying to elude police by jumping into the ocean soon found himself being hunted by something else – a shark.

Kettering Police officer Jonathon McCoy gave about 30 commands to a man he eventually shot and killed who had said he wasn't going back to prison and would kill a cop to stay out.

VIDEO: Cop Tells Felon ‘You Reach For That Gun, I’ll Blow Your Brains Out’ – He Does So…

Kettering, Ohio – Kettering Police officer Jonathon McCoy gave about 30 commands to the occupants of a car he pulled over before firing nine shots and killing a felon who had a gun sticking out of his pants.

Video was posted which shows a drunk man hitting his head during a takedown by Huntington police.

VIDEO: Cop Executes Perfect Leg-Sweep Takedown On Resisting Drunk, Then Oops…

Huntington, West Virginia – A law firm posted a video of an intoxicated man drinking beer in the street who was taken to the ground by a police officer.

Cobb County Police Lt. Greg Abbott told a motorist he pulled over that police only shoot black people.

VIDEO: Cops Makes Snarky Comment About ‘Police Only Shoot Black People’ – Heads Explode

A police lieutenant is under investigation for telling a driver he pulled over who was nervous to move her hands that police only kill black people.

Coleman Young II is running for mayor of Detroit. He claimed a suburban police SWAT raid that happened in Detroit that caught a suspected shooter was "white supremacy."

Detroit State Senator Calls SWAT Raid On Attempted Murder Suspect ‘White Supremacy’

The Hazel Park Police Department went into the city of Detroit to arrest a man accused of shooting someone in Hazel Park, and the mayoral candidate for Detroit called it “white supremacy.”

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner imposed a curfew from midnight to 5 a.m. to try to prevent more looting.

Houston Mayor Imposes Citywide Curfew After Looting

With 21 confirmed dead in the biggest rainstorm ever to hit the continental U.S., the mayor of Houston imposed a curfew on the city to deter looting.

A CNN reporter faced the wrath of a Houston mother who survived Hurricane Harvey.

VIDEO: Houston Mother Erupts On CNN Reporter For Harassing Flood Victims

A mother with her young daughter erupted on a CNN reporter during a live interview at a shelter for victims of Hurricane Harvey for pressing her on details on her harrowing rescue. The mother swore at the CNN reporter, who apologized.