Author: Andrew Blake

Video proof that Glendale Officer Anthony Cano is a BAMF gunfighter.

VIDEO: Suspect Goes From Non-Compliance To Shooting – Didn’t Realize Cop Was BAMF Gunfighter

The Glendale Police Department released video of a man who opened fire on police who were checking on him after his car was stopped on the side of the road.

Roger Burzinski carjacked a vehicle with a 1-year-old baby in the backseat. He didn't get far before police caught up.

VIDEO: Carjacker Steals Vehicle With 1-Year-Old In Back, Gets Permanently Removed From Population

A man who carjacked a mother’s automobile with a 1-year-old toddler in the back seat was shot and killed as tried to flee police.

Video was released in the William Proubsky shooting.

VIDEO: Officer Going To Extremes To Avoid Force Gets Attacked, Forced To Shoot Suspect

Stow, Ohio – A Ohio man was shot and killed by police after was told by officer 26 times to leave a police vehicle, another 15 times to sit on the curb, and he then attacked the officer.

De’Carlo Jackson was shot and killed when he tried to rob a Taco Bell and three employees opened fire with their own guns.

Armed Robber Gets Smoked By Three Armed Taco Bell Employees

Three Taco Bell employee opened fire on a pair of masked, armed robbers and killed one, shooting him six times.

Actress Shailene Woodley says she had to bend over and spread her butt cheeks during a strip search after she was arrested in October for protesting the Dakota Access pipeline.

‘Divergent’ Actress Says Cops Searched Her Butt For Drugs

Actress Shailene Woodley says she had to bend over and spread her butt cheeks during a strip search after she was arrested in October for protesting the Dakota Access pipeline.

Newspaper photographer Andy Grimm was shot by police after an officer thought his tripod was a weapon.

BODYCAM VIDEO: Photographer Stops Across From Officer On Stop At Night, Gets Shot

A newspaper photographer who was shot by a police officer who mistook his tripod for a gun said he doesn’t want the officer to get fired.

NFL Hall of Famer Franco Harris says his former teammates wouldn't have tolerated kneeling for the national anthem.

NFL Hall of Famer Franco Harris Says In His Day, The ‘Meanest Guys In Football’ Would Handle Kneelers

NFL Hall of Famer Franco Harris said that national anthem protests would not have been tolerated when he played in the 1970s and 1980s.

New York Police didn't fingerprint illegal immigrants arrested during protesting if they provided the information so federal immigration agents wouldn't be alerted.

NYPD Told Not To Fingerprint Illegal Immigrants Arrested So Federal Agents Wouldn’t Be Notified

The New York Police Department said it did not fingerprint protesters believed to be illegal immigrants if they provided information willingly as a way to avoid alerting state and federal government agencies they were undocumented.

Sports celebrities such as NBA star James Harden and retired baseball player Jeff Bagwell have met with Houston police to lift their spirits.

Over 100 Houston Police Officers Completely Lost Their Homes To Hurricane Harvey

More than 100 Houston Police officers have completely lost their homes to Hurricane Harvey and 400 other police officers have been affected by flooding, according to the police union.

Rigby Police Officer William Gray caught on fire after a collision.

Rigby Police Department Thanks Nurse For Defending Its Unconscious Officer

Rigby, Idaho – The Rigby Police Department identified the patient at the center of a national controversy when a nurse was unlawfully arrested for not cooperating with a blood draw.