Author: Andrew Blake

The Jason Stockley indictment was based on false information.

We Were Lied To: Most Damning Evidence In Jason Stockley Indictment Was Revealed To Be False

St. Louis, Missouri – The lead internal affairs investigator in the Jason Stockley case made misleading and inaccurate statements to a grand jury that indicted the then-St. Louis Police officer for murder.

St. Louis Alderman Larry Arnowitz wants his name taken off a resolution the board passed that honored a dead drug dealer.

St. Louis Gave Dead Drug Dealer Their Highest Honor, Now Alderman Wants His Name Removed From It

A St. Louis Alderman wants his name to be removed from a controversial resolution passed by the Board of Aldermen that honored a drug dealer who was killed by police after ramming their police vehicles while fleeing a drug deal.

Cottonwood Heights Police Department released video of a shooting of a teenager.

VIDEO: Armed Teen Shot By Police Says He Was Reaching For Phone, Next To His Gun, To Call His Parents

Cottonwood Heights, Utah – The Cottonwood Heights Police released body footage of a teenager who was shot by police September 3 while reaching for his pants pocket while the officer held him on the ground at gunpoint.

Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue, the director of the Michigan State Police, posted a meme on Facebook critical of athletes that protest the national anthem and now some are saying she should be fired.

Calls For Director Of Michigan State Police To Be Fired After She Posted Meme Criticizing NFL

The director of the Michigan State Police apologized Tuesday for sharing a Facebook meme that attacked athletes who have participated in the NFL’s national anthem protests.

NASCAR owners sided with President Trump over the national anthem protests.

NASCAR Owners Responds To Kneelers With Strong Words And Promises Of Action

Several NASCAR team owners said they would come down hard on any drivers who did not stand for the national anthem.

NFL players kneeled for the National Anthem but stood for 'God Save The Queen.'

NFL Players Kneel For National Anthem, Stand For ‘God Save The Queen’

A record number of NFL players are kneeling for the National Anthem on Sunday, then all of the kneelers who were playing in England stood for ‘God Save The Queen.’

Boise police were forced into a gunfight from 50 yards and had to wait on a long gun.

VIDEO: Officers Forced Into Gunfight At 50 Yards Without Rifle Or Cover – Take Shooter Out

Boise Police officers were justified in the March 17 fatal shooting of a man, according to Blaine County Prosecutor Jim Thomas.

President Donald Trump called NFL players SOBs for disrespecting the country and said he wishes owners would "fire" those protesting.

WATCH: President Trump Calls NFL Anthem Protesters SOBs, Lays Out Plan To End Kneelers In Football

President Donald Trump said he’d love to see an NFL owner yank players protesting the national anthem off the field and say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now!’”

LAPD Officer John Gasparyan was killed in an off-duty motorcycle accident

Hero Down: LAPD Officer John Gasparyan Killed On Motorcycle

Los Angeles, California – Los Angeles Police Department Officer John Gasparyan was killed in a collision while riding his motorcycle on Sept. 21. He was off-duty at the time.

Rookie Police Officer Freddy Jimenez found a man hanging from a high-rise apartment from his finger tips and saved his life.

VIDEO: Cop Finds Suicidal Man Hanging Out Window Telling Himself ‘Do It, Do it’

The Trenton Police Department released a dramatic rescue performed by one of their rookie officers who saved a distraught man from falling out of an eighth-floor apartment building window Sept. 17.