Author: Andrew Blake

The New York police were told to clear the subway of homeless people during Mayor Bill de Blasio's public relations ride.

NYPD Ordered To Clear Subway Of Homeless During Mayor Bill de Blasio’s PR Ride

The New York Police Department was ordered to remove the homeless people from a subway route so that Mayor Bill de Blasio wouldn’t have to interact with them during a four-stop press event.

Five Claremont College students were suspended for their roles in blocking people from listening to pro-police speaker Heather Mac Donald.

College Suspends Students Involved In Blocking Speech Of Police Policy Expert, Heather Mac Donald

Claremont McKenna College suspended three students for a year and two others for a semester for their role in blocking the entrance to a door and not allowing people to listen to a pro-police speaker.

David Fox attacked a 74-year-old cyclist after the two argued on the road. The vicious attack was caught on video.

VIDEO: Driver Beats 74-Year-Old Cyclist With Club In Road Rage

An enraged truck driver delivered a vicious, bloody beating to a 74-year-old man that was captured on video by a bystander.

A police department created an internet stir when it posted a photo of officer Claire Binksy in an effort to boost recruiting.

Police Department Posts Pic Of Gorgeous Cop To Boost Recruitment – Gets Horny Young Men Instead

A police force posted a photo of one of their female police officers who was very attractive in an effort to recruit new employees and in the process made international news.

A Washington man who told police he took five erectile dysfunction pills crashed his car into a garage.

Man Arrested For Viagra DUI Appears Happy To See Officers After Crash

A 59-year-old man crashed into a Seattle parking garage and told police he had taken five erectile dysfunction medication pills, about five times the recommended dosage.

Dijanelle Fowler was arrested for the murder of her baby girl, Skylar Fowler.

Mom Arrested For Murder Of Baby Girl After Leaving Her In Hot Car For 6 Hours To Get Hair Done

A 1-year-old baby died in the back seat of a hot car after the mother left her alone for six hours while she got her hair done on a day temperatures reached as high as 90 degrees.

Travis Tingler ran around naked in the street. When police used a stun gun on him, it hit a lighter he was holding and Tingler caught on fire.

Police Taser Naked Man Who Unexpectedly Bursts Into Flames

Manitowoc, Wisconsin – A naked 32-year-old man was arrested for running naked through the street. During the arrest, an unusual set of circumstances caused the man to catch on fire.

Rainbow City Police Department released bodycam video which shows that this suspect's injuries were caused by his own intellectual deficiency.

WATCH: Claims of Brutality by Rainbow City Police Get Quickly Exposed As Lies When Chief Releases Video

Rainbow City, Alabama – After viral claims of police brutality were posted to Facebook, the Rainbow City Police Department released body camera footage which exposed all of the claims to be a lie.

Police released the last text message that Madison Coe sent before accidentally electrocuting herself.

Police Release the SMH Last Text Sent by Teen Who Died While Texting in Bathtub

Lubbock, Texas – Police released a photo of the last thing a teenage girl texted before she was fatally electrocuted.

Police released video of a brutal elevator beating that bystanders witnessed but just walked away.

VIDEO: Man Brutally Beaten On Elevator While Bystanders Just Watch And Don’t Call 911

Police are looking for four men who were involved in a brutal elevator beating that two bystanders walked in on but never intervened.