Author: Andrew Blake

Singer Chris Brown has numerous run-ins with police and has beaten singer/girlfriend Rihanna. He didn't find President Trump's joke funny.

Woman-Beater Chris Brown Outraged At President Trump’s Joke About Not Coddling Killers

Singer Chris Brown, who has a history of violence toward women and run-ins with police, took offense to comments President Donald Trump made in a joke about the violent MS-13 gangs.

Damian Herrera is accused of killing five people, including his mother. He attacked a guard with a large flashlight in a failed attempt to escape jail.

VIDEO: Five Time Murderer Tries To Club Down Jail Guard – Backup Comes And Takes Him Down

Espanola, New Mexico – Video released by the county jail shows a suspect accused of murdering five people – including his mother – lying in wait for a prison guard to show up and attacking him with a flashlight in an attempt to escape.

Sergio Martinez was wanted by federal immigration authorities. But he was released by local authorities in Portland without notifying the feds and he went on to commit two assaults.

Jail Releases 20-Time Deported Felon Without Telling ICE – Then He Rapes Woman And Attacks Two More

The city of Portland released a man that had a federal immigration hold on him and had been deported at least 20 times who then went and allegedly assaulted two women.

Officer-Involved Shooting Video: Martin Avena pulled a rifle on officers when they stopped him.

VIDEO: Gunfight Bodycam – Officers With Pistols Take Out Suspect With Rifle

The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office have released police cam video from a deputy involved with the shooting of a man who confronted officers with a rifle after they pulled over his vehicle.

NFL fans said in a survey the protest of the national anthem led by Colin Kaepernick was the No. 1 reason they watched fewer games.

It’s Official: Kneelers Are The Number 1 Reason For NFL Ratings Nosedive

Anti-police protests started by former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick were the No. 1 reason why fans stopped watching NFL games last season, according to a new survey released by J.D. Power.

A Texas man made a citizen's arrest of Sirkon Ash for alleged drunken driving. As it turned out, it was the third time Ash had been charged with DWI.

VIDEO: Man Drags Alleged Drunk Driver Out Of His Car In Citizen’s Arrest

A Texas man made a citizen’s arrest that was captured on video of an alleged drunk driver who was dangerously swerving ahead of him on the road.

The Richmond Police Department had a suspect defecate in the back seat of a squad car, eat his own feces and then spit it at the officers.

Man Drops A Deuce In Patrol Car, Eats His Own Feces, And Then Things Really Go Downhill

A suspect defecated in the back of a police squad car then ate his own feces and spat it at the officers, according to the Richmond Police Department which reported the July 24 incident on their Facebook page.

Officer Jeremy Mason was shot in the face during a high speed pursuit of a three-time felon. Officer Mason still managed to take down the suspect.

Officer Shot In The Face During Pursuit, Shrugs It Off, Delivers Fatal Dose Of Lead Poisoning

Jacksonville County Sheriff Officer Jeremy Mason was shot in the face during the pursuit of a suspected bank robber but still managed to stay in the pursuit and eventually shoot and kill the three-time felon.

Justine Damond reportedly slapped the Minneapolis police car before she was shot.

Justine Damond Was The Source Of The ‘Loud Noise’ Before She Was Shot

A search warrant implies that Justine Damond approached the back of a police car and “slapped it” moments before she was shot by a police officer.

A fake street sign warning people that Minneapolis police are easily startled was put up in response to the Justine Damond shooting.

Fake Street Sign Warns Of Minneapolis Police After Justine Damond Shooting

Some fake street signs have popped up in the aftermath of the July 15 shooting of Justine Damond that warn people the police in this city are “easily startled.”