Author: Andrew Blake

Detroit probationary firefighter Robert Pattinson was fired after he brought a watermelon to his fire station for his new co-workers.

Classmates Speak Out About Detroit Firefighter Who Was Fired Over Watermelon

Detroit, Michigan – A group of Detroit firefighters showed support for another firefighter who was fired for bringing a watermelon into work as a gift.

Anti-police ESPN anchor Jemele Hill was suspended for a Tweet asking for a boycott of the NFL after Dallas players were told they wouldn't play if they knelt for the national anthem.

Anti-Police ESPN Anchor Jemele Hill Suspended For Tweet Attacking The Wrong Person

Anti-police ESPN anchor Jemele Hill was suspended from ESPN for two weeks after she urged NFL fans to boycott advertisers of the Dallas Cowboys after its owner Jerry Jones would not play any player who didn’t stand for the national anthem.

Drexel Associate Professor George Ciccariello-Maher was put on administrative leave after he blamed the Las Vegas shooting on "Trumpism."

University Finally Takes Action Against Professor Who Blamed The Vegas Shooting On Trumpism

The Drexel associate professor who blamed the Las Vegas massacre on “white victimization” and “Trumpism” was placed on administrative leave because school officials feared for the safety of the campus due to reaction to his tweets.

A new California law makes it illegal to not call a transgender person by their preferred pronoun.

New California Law Makes It A Crime To Not Call A Transgender Person By Their Preferred Pronoun

California signed a new law last week that could have health care workers ending up in jail if they choose not to address transgender patients by their preferred pronouns.

A prostitute who claims to have been with Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock for just over six months said he had violent rape fantasies and was a bad person.

Vegas Prostitute Says She Knew Vegas Shooter – Reveals Violent Fantasies

A prostitute who claims to have spent hours in Las Vegas with mass shooter Stephen Paddock said he has violent rape fantasies and told her that he was born bad and that “the bad streak is in my blood.”

Delinda Jensen owns a Vegan food truck business and said she had no sympathy for "meat-eaters" killed in Las Vegas shootings.

Vegan Food Truck Owner Says They Don’t Give A F-k About ‘Meat Eaters’ Murdered In Las Vegas

An owner of a vegan food truck said that they had to go out of business and into hiding after the owner rejoiced in how many “meat-eaters” were killed in the Las Vegas shootings.

Ernesto Orsetti was arrested Oct. 5 for using a Twitter account to impersonate a law enforcement official, which is a felony.

Police Arrest Man For Fake Police Twitter Account

Ernesto Orsetti was arrested Oct. 5 for using a Twitter account to impersonate a law enforcement official, which is a felony.

Professor Tessa Winkelmann blamed President Trump in-part for the Las Vegas shooting.

UNLV Professor Blames Donald Trump For Las Vegas Shooting – University Responds

A UNLV history professor placed part of the blame of the Las Vegas mass shootings on President Donald Trump in a video that was captured in the classroom.

ICE promised more raids in California in the wake of the state's 'sanctuary state' declaration.

California Declares Itself A Sanctuary State, So ICE Director Tells Them To Get Ready For Onslaught Of Raids

The director of the nation’s immigration enforcement said his agents will “have no choice” but to conduct workplace and neighborhood immigration raids due to California’s new state-wide sanctuary law.

Isael Lima took his uncle's police vehicle and went around impersonating a sheriff's deputy.

Man Steals Police Uniform And Car And Starts Conducting Traffic Stops, Has Friend Record

An 18-year-old man stole his uncle’s police uniform and vehicle and filmed himself conducting a traffic stop so that he could impress his girlfriend, according to police.