Burglar Turns To Shoot Female Homeowner Who Was Yelling At Him, Takes Out Partner

James Young (left) was killed by Aurie Mathis (right) as they both burglarized a home.

James Young (left) was killed by Aurie Mathis (right) as they both burglarized a home.

Aurie Mathis Wanted For Murder After Killing Partner, James Young

Macon, GA –  Two burglars, James Young, age 44, and Aurie Mathis, age 16, broke into a woman’s home on Monday, June 19. As they were fleeing, one of the criminal masterminds accidentally killed his partner instead of the burglary victim, according to 13MAZ.

The incident occurred Monday morning about 10 AM at 152 Bradstone Circle, off Millerfield Road.  Bibb County Sheriff David Davis said that Young and Mathis rang a doorbell when the homeowner was sleeping, and when there was no answer, they kicked in the door. The woman who lived there then woke up and caught them in the act of trying to steal her TV.

Sheriff Davis said, “She was startled, and hollered at the intruders.”  The burglars then fled after she started yelling, with Young trailing behind carrying the TV.

Not about to let a woman get away with “hollering” at him, Aurie Mathis turned around and opened fire.

Sheriff Davis said, “As they went out the door, one of the suspects turned around and fired one shot backwards and struck the other suspect in the head.”

Aurie Mathis didn’t hesitate after seeing his partner in crime go down – he kept running.

When deputies arrived, they found Jame Young’s lifeless body in the doorway. Young’s criminal history is especially noteworthy; he has been in the Bibb County Jail 35 times, and six of those were for burglary. At the time he was killed, he had been out of prison for less than a year.

The homeowner got through the incident unharmed.

The killer was identified on Monday as Aurie Mathis. A warrant has been issued for Mathis for felony murder, according to Macon.com.  

Mathis is described as 16 years old, 5-foot-6 and weighing around 140 pounds, and should be considered armed and dangerous.

  • Wynette Atkins

    How does a 16 year old boy get involved with a hardened criminal like James Young, to begin with? Parents need to keep teenagers as busy as possible; so they don’t have time to get in trouble. If they can’t get a job, then get them into sports, or involved with a church, or even volunteer work. Parents have to keep good open dialogue with their children; so they know and understand changes in their children, as soon as signs start appearing. If children are gone more often from home, more secretive, have money that can’t be accounted for, and are sleeping more than normal, then start asking questions until you get answers. Also I believe parents have the right to check their children’s rooms, their cell phones, their computer activity, names of all of their friends (and their parents names) and their contact information. Insist that they bring their friends to your homes, so you can meet them. Don’t be afraid to forbid them to be with anyone you feel is not a good influence. A parent’s first duty is to protect their children, even if it requires disciplining them. It might be taking away driving privileges, taking their cell phones, computers or computer games, or even grounding them. It might mean sending their children to stay with relatives out of town, in order to get them away from people they shouldn’t be running with.
    The waste of these 2 lives could have been prevented. Parents have to give their children rules to live their lives by. They have to instill morals and principles to live their lives by. They have to set examples for their children. They have to love and be interested in their children’s lives always. Parenting is not easy; but if you have the child you are responsible for raising them the right way.

    • Why they are feral children……..They have no parent supervision.

    • tim

      In a perfect world. Now wake up.

    • proteus

      You need to go into the hood and see how things really are. You’ve just described intervention for a privileged child with two parents; living in a suburban neighborhood with a dog and a cat. We do appreciate the “parenting 101” lesson, but in the case of the misfit, nay criminal mentioned in the article, none of that applies. He’ll get caught, sentenced, do 10-12 years time, come out more criminally inclined and start a new spree. Intervention ended when his daddy left five minutes after planting the seed.

      • Wynette Atkins

        The problem today is we have children having children, with no time to learn how to be a good parent. And yes there are Fathers that leave the Mothers to raise their children alone, in both the Black and White races. But then you do have single Mothers that do raise their children up to be good citizens, within both races.

        What I wrote earlier is for all parents today. It is their responsibility to know who their children are running with, what they are up to, and that disciplining their children is a good thing in the long run, if it keeps their children from entering our criminal system. As you are right about this young man. He will come out a hardened criminal, with no future but to go back to robbing and murdering. That’s why I wrote, the waste of those 2 lives was preventable.

        Just look at the story of Dr. Ben Carson and his Brother, who were both raised by an illiterate & poor single Mother, in the Detroit hood. She used love and discipline regardless of where they lived or what they had, to raise two law abiding sons. So it can be done.

        • proteus

          The problem today is we have generational sin, poverty, dependence, and crime. What you wrote is fine for all parents who wish to raise their children properly, with respect for themselves and for their peers, the law, the country and God. What you don’t seem to want to face is this: that isn’t the case in a vast number of households. Generational dependence on government handouts, the entitlement mentality, and slavery to the free stuff that government hands out since Lyndon B. Johnson’s “war on poverty” are a drug every bit as addicting as opiods. The comparison of Ben Carson to the hoodlum in the article is a stretch. I admit I do not know the circumstances of this kid’s upbringing, but I do know he did not get where he is today because of decent parenting – and I strongly suspect his parent or parents (if he was so lucky) have no clue how to parent because they weren’t taught how. You can rest assured that this kid will not face the same problem of parenting because he will end up dead before he is 6 months out of prison. That’s the way that ball bounces and will forever bounce until we end the slavery of dependence on government “parenting”.

        • Ria Pendergrass

          Well done Wynette! You nailed it. 👍🏾

        • jennifer

          SURE IT CAN BE DONE. but the ‘parents’ have to care 2 cents for their kids and maybe even stop stuffing shit up their nose and into their arms.

      • iceman91321 .

        5 years tops.

      • Wynette Atkins

        This happened in Macon, Georgia. Which is not exactly what I consider a Hood area. I think you might be right about raising children in Detroit, Milwaukee, Chicago, New Orleans, Los Angeles, New York Boroughs, and Washington D.C. But even then, parent(s) need to know what I suggested, to keep their children out of trouble. If they read what I suggested and one child is prevented from getting into trouble; I’ll be happy.

    • Philip Pines

      that is because blacks take their children with them when they shop lift they pick it up early, one of the worst crimes is when punk criminal thugs invade innocent families and children in their homes. every one should be safe in their homes. but almost ever time you see a home invasion it is punk blacks that have no respect for anyone or their property and mostly are attacking and invading and terrorizing white families and children.

      • Ria Pendergrass

        You’re not only a racist. You are the epitome of ignorance and hate. May God have mercy on your pitiful soul.

      • iceman91321 .

        Ignore the born again nut bag.

    • jennifer

      you say “parents” ?? those azzholes don’t have “parents”. they crawl out of a hole.

      • jennifer

        then when they get shot, something that resembles a parent comes in front of those camera’s and cry what a darling child he was… and put their hands out for the city to fill with the bucks… someone forgot to tell them , they have to RAISE the kid.

        • jennifer

          …call me a racist and you’d be correct. I NEVER used to be but BLM changed my mind. Shit parents like the ones in MN who boo-hooed till the city filled their hands is a good example. And they didn’t even raise the hood…his grandmother did. They sure’s hell are not parents..

  • keylover

    Karma’s a bitch

  • David L

    Black Lives Matter 🙄

    • Pushed to the limit

      To who??

      • David L

        Failed to see the sarcasm I guess .

        • Pushed to the limit

          No, I get it. If the whiny low IQ bipeds care nothing for themselves, why should I or anyone else.

    • Eddie Avery

      All lives matter David L

      • David L

        Does anyone understand sarcasm anymore? Of course all lives matter!

  • LibLieExposer

    Cause of death was ROLP: Rapid Onset Lead Poisoning.

  • Deny

    Feel good story for sure! LOVED IT! LOL!

  • 2 parrots and a dog

    We need a law that revokes citizenship after a person is jailed more than 15 times, truth in sentencing, or both. Do a DNA test and then send them to whatever country their ancestors came from other than the USA.

  • msmaddog

    Jailed 35 times, out less than a year!!! Great system……Now the kid that was in training can take up where he left off.

  • Pushed to the limit

    Hahaha… You can’t make this stuff up.

  • JBo

    Oops! Gotta get that slippery trigger fixed!

  • Ray_Sears

    My Feel Good Story Of The Day ! Thank You !

  • Dan Topp

    The next Michael brown.

  • MrSmarty

    That was a “trick shot” if there ever was one! That boy deserves a reward, like a big cold watermelon.

  • Bob Trower

    Absolutely HILARIOUS! !!!

  • Dr Shoe!

    That’s a great picture of the kid on the right, apparently showing us that he knows his own IQ!

  • Toxophilite

    Karma. Ya gotta love it.

  • Tonya Parnell


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  • Linda Sills

    They must not have heard the slogan of “Black Lifes Matter”….If they quit being criminals, life would be a whole lot safer…. Their biggest enemy is themselves, their culture, their victim status in their own mind….

  • Mike Nunn

    Fast-tracked to Hell by his own partner. But I’m sure they will be meeting again someday.

  • Jeff Taylor

    Charge him with murder and stick a needle in hm. He’s done

  • vegasguy61

    Maybe you need a 25 strike rule there….35 times and he’s out on Parole????? WTF

  • Peekin-In

    You just can’t fix stupid. He got what he deserved. The 16 Yr old thug would have killed the homeowner had he been a better shot. I’m sure Aurie Mathis’s parents must be so proud of him, burglary and attempted murder. I bet he was on his way to a better life, getting himself together and would be a boost to the society he didn’t really mean to steal from. James Young will answer to God for his life choices. Nuff said.

  • iceman91321 .

    That’s a Win-Win. One Super Predator down, one going away.

    The only loss is that poor lady’s door.

  • femme_fatale

    KARMA!!! Gotta love it sometimes!

  • Carl Tebeau

    Love it, real brainiacts at work.

  • cheese101

    If Obama had a son…….