Carjacked Couple Secretly Signals To Atlanta PD Captain Rick Mason They Need Help, The Captain Responds

Atlanta PD Captain Rick Mason saved a couple from a carjacking suspect.

Atlanta PD Captain Rick Mason saved a couple from a carjacking suspect.

Captain Rick Mason Saves Carjacked Couple

Atlanta, GA – A quick-thinking Georgia woman was able to alert an officer driving by that she and her husband were in desperate need of help as they were being forced to drive at gunpoint.

Atlanta police Captain Rick Mason was driving when he noticed a car driving slowly and start to swerve toward him.  “She looked right at me and mouthed ‘Help Me'” Captain Mason told FOX5.  He knew something was terribly wrong and immediately did a u-turn to stop the vehicle.  When he stopped the car, the woman and her husband jumped out and ran toward him screaming.  A third person emerged from the vehicle with a gun in hand.

“A gun in his right hand, a panic look on his face, he ran around the back of his car, fumbled with the gun, jumps in the driver’s seat and hits the gas,” said Capt. Mason.  He chased the suspect, 33-year old Jeremy Summers, about a mile before he crashed in to another vehicle on Cambellton Street and was apprehended.  The suspect broke his femur during the crash.

Investigators also discovered that Summers had carjacked another vehicle an hour before this one.

The Georgia couple was waiting in their vehicle on Cambellton Street as their granddaughter got her hair done when the armed man approached.  “All of a sudden, the back door opened and the gun came out. He said ‘close the door and pull off,'” they told 11Alive reporters.  “He kept telling me to do what he said or he’d shoot us,” she said. “He said he wanted us to make some stops. At one point he said he needed to go to Union City to ’pick up more guns.”  He forced them to drive for nearly an hour around town.

Knowing they were in serious danger, the Georgia woman acted quickly when she saw an Atlanta patrol vehicle at the intersection of Central Villa Drive and Sandtown Road.  She drove toward the car with what was described as a look of terror on her face.  That’s when Captain Mason sprung in to action.  Thanks to her quick-thinking and an alert police Captain, this crime in progress was stopped before any more harm was done.

Summers has been booked on numerous charges including kidnapping, robbery and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

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