Asst. Chief Greenwood Feared For His Safety In Days Before He Was Assassinated

Assistant Chief Deputy Clint Greenwood feared for his safety before he was killed.

Assistant Chief Deputy Clint Greenwood feared for his safety before he was killed.

E-mail Sent By Assistant Chief Deputy Shows He Feared For His Safety

Baytown, TX – The assassin of Harris County Precinct 3 Constable’s Office Assistant Chief Deputy Clint Greenwood was able to escape undetected on the day of the murder, April 3rd. Now investigators are looking into possible leads in an e-mail that Asst. Chief Greenwood sent days before he was assassinated.

“I believe [this person] poses a real threat to my and my family’s safety,” Asst. Chief Greenwood wrote in an email sent to the attorney’s office on Thursday, according to Houston Chronicle.

Asst. Chief Greenwood was referring to somebody he had investigated as part of a corruption investigation. After three decades in law enforcement, Asst. Chief Greenwood was not one to be easily spooked.

No further details were released about the subject of the e-mail.

What was initially reported to likely be a long range shooting was determined to be a close-up assassination with a 9mm pistol.

The suspect hid behind a dumpster at the courthouse and waited for Asst. Chief Greenwood to arrive, according to New York Daily News.

Once Asst. Chief Greenwood parked and exited his vehicle, the assassin jumped out and shot him two times at close range. Asst. Chief Greenwood was hit once in the neck and once in his ballistic vest.

The injured hero called for help on the radio, “I’m shot and I’m bleeding out.”

Officers arrived to find him leaning on his vehicle for support while he held the wound on his neck and pointed toward the direction that the killer ran. The officers provided first aid to Asst. Chief Greenwood until he was airlifted to the hospital, where he died.

“It’s a hit, no doubt,” a federal officer told the Chronicle. “He basically got ambushed.”

A $65,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the capture of this assassin.

Surveillance video was released of a suspect vehicle, which you can see HERE.

You can be sure that the law enforcement heroes of Texas won’t stop until this assassin is captured.