Ashley Judd Marches With Black Lives Matter While They Tell Whites To Move To The Back

Ashley Judd marches with Black Lives Matter

Ashley Judd marches with Black Lives Matter

Ashley Judd marches with Black Lives Matter.

Philadelphia, PA – On July 26th, 2016, Ashley Judd was attending the Democratic National Convention, along with many other celebrities that also attended. She found the opportunity to march with the Black Lives Matter march that occurred on the same day. She picked up a sign and happily marched with the protesters, mugging for cameras along the way.

Ashley Judd, lofted her sign over her head with a big smile and was quoted as saying “I was on my way to the criminal justice reform panel … and this is the most perfect and poetic diversion;” after all, Judd is a widely regarded expert on criminal justice (Editor’s Note: That was sarcasm). She continued to march with Black Lives Matter until they reached the final stop outside the Wells Fargo Arena.

The actress, known for many movie roles in the 90s and her flirtation with running for the U.S. Senate for Kentucky against Mitch McConnell, is very active in liberal politics and focuses on women’s issues, and social, economic, and criminal justice.

On stage with a microphone, one Black Lives Matter organizer ordered white people to the back of the crowd.

“I need all white people to move to the back. This is a black and brown resistance march,” the woman said, “You will not have a say all up in here.”

“Take your rightful position and get behind us,” she continues. “If you see any white folks, direct them to the back of the crowd.” White media, get to the back,” she says.

“White people to the back, black people to the front,” she adds.

Most white people sheepishly moved back and continued to support their cause, however one man tried to stand his ground and upset the protesters.

“Go back, go back!” they said, “We see your privilege.”

“White people cannot be up front,” another adds, “White people will not be an obstruction no more!”

You can see the video here:

After the march with Black Lives Matter, in an interview with KSAZ of Phoenix, AZ, Ashley Judd said “Black Lives Matter. All lives matter, and a sign that I particularly appreciated said, ‘A good cop is not a racist cop,’ and there are plenty of good police officers in the world, including my nephew.” Judd continued with “They’re a kind and decent people. They’re beautiful, intelligent people who try to do the right thing. We also have a lot of problems in the system, and we all know that,”

Ashley Judd appears to be in the same situation as many liberal white social justice warriors; they don’t realize that Black Lives Matter is not an inclusive organization. Black Lives Matter focuses on hateful and false rhetoric, and seeks to divide people. Even if people buy in to their false rhetoric that police officers are specifically out to kill people because of the color of their skin, many of their white supporters would not support Black Lives Matter if they were familiar with the group.

Hopefully Ashley Judd will leave her bubble to take a look at what this group is about before offering more support in the future.

Let’s have our voices heard and let Ashley Judd know that supporting these hateful groups is wrong.