Arsonists Light Walmart Firework Display

Have you ever walked by a shelf full of Walmart fireworks, inside of a building full of people, and decided that setting the shelf on fire might be fun? Well a few rocket scientists at Walmart thought so. After all, what could be more fun than committing a felony crime that endangers people’s lives? This video comes from the scene at a Phoenix, Arizona Walmart:

The suspects were recorded by the Walmart security cameras. When I commit a felony crime, I also ensure that I do it in a place that is blanketed in security cameras. These guys are so brilliant, they are probably Black Lives Matter supporters too.
Dumb criminals Walmart arson fireworks

Suspects in Walmart firework arson

Fox News reports:

The Phoenix Fire Department says the resulting flames were extinguished before spreading to a nearby display of charcoal, lighter fluid and propane.

Police were still looking for the arsonists Thursday morning. Fire investigators believe at least two men and one woman were involved in the Wednesday evening incident.

Fire Department spokesman Capt. Rob McDade says the fire left floor-to-ceiling layer of smoke inside the store. He says the building has extensive smoke and water damage and several employees were treated for respiratory issues at the scene.

Three people got together to start this fire, and not one of them could figure out that this was a bad idea. The building was evacuated before there were any more serious injuries. There is no damage estimate yet, but the cost to repair is probably worth more than all three suspects have made in their lifetime. Generally, fires in stores that sell food items will result in a lot of food getting thrown out, for fear that it was contaminated by the smoke.

Congratulations guys, you’re our dumb criminals of the day. Be sure to tell all of your cell-mates how famous you are.