Two Females Connected To Murder Of Hero Officer Brackeen Have Been Arrested

Officer Brackeen

Deitra Morris and Ashley Hamrick have been arrested in connection with the murder of Officer Brackeen.

Two Females Connected To Murder Of Hero Officer Brackeen Have Been Arrested

Shelby, NC – Local agencies report that two females connected to the murder of Shelby Police Officer Brackeen have been taken into custody.

Earlier this week, Irving Lucien Fenner Jr. murdered Officer Tim Brackeen while he was trying to serve an arrest warrant. Fenner shot Officer Brackeen in the chest, killing him. Ashley Hamrick stated that the shooting happened behind her house after dropping him off a few streets away. Hamrick is an associate of Fenner, who had been allowing him to stay at her house off and on.

Hamrick told authorities earlier this week she had heard the altercation between Officer Brackeen and Irving Fenner:

“When I got to this fence, I heard him say stop stop and I hear the two gunshots. The stop stop I heard was Brackeen. I know his voice like the back of my hand. I’ve known him for a long time. With the spotlight that hit him, I seen Mr. Fenner’s face. I seen him with the gun raised the third shot hit officer Brackeen”

Hamrick has been charged with felony harboring an escapee. She told WBTV on Monday:

“Irving Fenner, if you’re watching this, you better turn yourself in because it’s not gonna end pretty. I’m behind Team Brackeen all the way – whether I’ve known you for years or not. Tim Brackeen was my family and I hope they nail you. I hope they throw you under a jail cell. I hope Bubba gets a real good taste of what you’re like.”

Hamrick defends officer Brackeen, stating that the helped her get out of an abusive relationship.

The other woman arrested in connection with the officer’s murder has been charged as an accessory. No further details have been released.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Officers, watch your six.