VIDEO: Antifa Vandalizes Man’s Truck, Steals And Burns His Blue Line Flag And American Flag

Antifa in Portland stole and burned a man's American flag and American blue line flag.

Antifa in Portland stole and burned a man’s American flag and American blue line flag.

Antifa Burns Man’s Flags After Vandalizing His Truck

Portland, OR –  A man was driving by the free speech rally in Portland last Sunday when his truck was pelted with water bottles, rocks, and eggs, and his “Blue Lives Matters flag” and American flag were ripped from his truck and burned.

The man, identified only as “Vito,” talked with Blue Lives Matter and said that he only wanted to support his country and support police, both of which are close to his heart.

Sunday afternoon, at around 2 PM he was driving down a one-way street in his truck, with both flags flying proudly from the back, looking for a place to park.  As he was driving down 3rd Street, Vito noticed that he had to drive past a large group of Antifa.

What he didn’t know was that the group of Antifa had already been shooting slingshots and throwing objects at anybody they perceived to be right-wing.

Vito said that Portland police officers were stationed on the corners of the streets, and that he was going extremely slow because of the traffic.  When he started to drive by, one protester yelled at him, and tried to throw water on him through his open driver’s window.

Antifa then began throwing eggs, rocks, and water bottles at his truck, using slingshots and their hands.  He said that they “bombarded” his truck. Then Vito said he heard a big cheer, and didn’t realize what was happening at first.

Vito said that he realized they had taken both of his flags down, and were burning them.  He said that he started honking his horn, and that the entire incident “lasted a good two minutes.”  He has a customized truck, which he said probably made for a good target.

Later, when Vito got home, he started counting the dents in his truck – at least six – all over his truck.  He said, “this is not what I intended, they are evil people.”

Vito said, “I am driving down a street in a major city with my Blue Lives Matter flag and my American flag, and this is what happens?”  He added that he “thought he’d be safe,”  and he said that he didn’t say or do anything in return.

He guessed that the police officers that were present probably had assigned duties, although one did help him escape the incident, by directing him to a bike lane, which allowed him to get away from the protesters.  An hour after he left, he said the officers “rushed that same block, and seized slingshots and other items.”

When Antifa started marching after the police cleared them out, Portland PD trapped them between two buildings and didn’t let them go until they were all identified.

He said that he was “so shaken up” that he didn’t go to the rally.  He went home and watched it on the internet.  He said that he has since received death threats in the past from a random Facebook comment that he made in support of President Trump.

Vito said, “these [Antifa] people are evil,” and that some have told him they would show him “what a snowflake would do.”  He said that he “loves the constitution, and is a passionate conservative.”

Vito immigrated from Ukraine when he was two and one-half years old.  He became a citizen in 1995.

We reached out to our partners at Warrior 12 who make our Blue Lives Matter shirts, and they agreed to send Vito one of their ultra-high quality blue line flags for free.

You can see video of Antifa burning Vito’s flag below: