Officer Tackled At Airport, Suspect, Anthony Phillips, Went For Gun; Citizens Stepped In To Open Can Of Whoop Ass

Anthony Phillips attacked and attempted to disarm a police officer.

Anthony Phillips attacked and attempted to disarm a police officer. (Fox 5 Atlanta)

Anthony Phillips Ambushed Officer

Atlanta, GA –  Video has been released that shows the violent struggle between airline passenger, Anthony Phillips, and a police officer in a terminal at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

The incident initially occurred on December 29, 2016 but details are just coming to light now with security footage. According to Morse Diggs with Fox5 Atlanta, the incident occurred at about 6:30 PM.  The normal comings and goings of passengers during a busy holiday were interrupted by an ambush.  In the video, a large man is shown running at and tackling an officer.  The video continues, with the man on top of the officer, punching him over and over in the face.  No other officers were nearby to assist and the officer was unable to call for help. Witnesses say that he was knocked senseless and unable to respond.

The video shows several men rushing to assist the officer, and two of them put themselves between the officer and his attacker. Others jumped on top of the attacker.

The video further shows the men wrestling with the male suspect, who is trying to get the officer’s gun out of its holster. When asked why he ran to danger instead of running away, Alie Brewster, said “right is right.”  He also said that he comes from a family of law enforcement.

The attacker, Anthony Phillips, was finally subdued and later charged with Aggravated Assault, Battery, Obstruction On A Law Enforcement Officer, and Attempted Removal of a Weapon From a Public Official. When an Atlanta Police Officer responded to assist, he said that Phillips was already in handcuffs and being held by the other men.

According to WBRC Fox6 News, Phillips attacked Officer Polk while he was standing in the terminal talking to another airport employee.  Officer Polk said that Phillips came at him from behind and slammed him to the floor, stood over him, and hit him repeatedly in the face and chest.  He also said that Phillips tried to take his gun from his holster and that he was not able to call for help but suddenly other people began to help.

The video provides evidence of the incident according to Officer Polk’s report and witnesses’ reports.  We are grateful Officer Polk was not injured, and we are also grateful for those Good Samaritan heroes who came to his aid.

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