Angry Cop: Marilyn Mosby Doubles Down on Violating People’s Rights

Marilyn Mosby Digs Her Grave Even DeeperMarilyn Mosby Digs Her Grave Even Deeper

Marilyn Mosby: Her face says it all…

Angry Cop: Marilyn Mosby Doubles Down on Violating People’s Rights

Lets get this out of the way, this article, in no way, is going to be politically correct.  If you cannot stomach that, then you should probably avert your eyes.  This is the opinion of an angry and fed up cop.

Today, the final three heroes charged in the ever tumultuous case of Freddie Gray, the thug, drug dealer, criminal, were relieved of the false charges against them; as they should have been from the beginning. The world has changed for law enforcement personnel since the equally ridiculous case of Michael Brown.  Everyone and their little brother has tried to fan the flames of the anti-police narrative at every case that involves a black American suspect and an American police officer. Freddie Gray is the shining example.

Marilyn Mosby, the hero of criminals, entered the political arena with an agenda; to propel her career by offering up heroes to slaughter.  She saw an opportunity and she did not hesitate to take it. Her malicious goal never wavered. A city burned and she stood atop the ashes with a smile.

Today those aspirations and dreams came to a crashing halt. She couldn’t take it. She could not act the adult and chalk it up as a loss. Instead, she bit off her nose to spite her face. During a press conference held today, Marilyn Mosby dug the grave to career suicide even deeper:

“While to this day we stand by the decisions, the legal theories, the charges, and assertions set forth in the statements of probable cause and during these proceedings, as officers of the court we must respect the verdicts rendered by the judge,”

This quote, this is the only thing that she stated during her gospel (listen to how she preaches) that was logical and factual. The rest is a circus show.

“What we realized very early on in this case is that police investigating police…was problematic,”

“There was a reluctance and an obvious bias that was consistently exemplified, not by the entire Baltimore police department, but by individuals within the Baltimore police department at every stage of the investigation.”

A bias? How so? Facts are bias? This simply does not make sense. Judge Barry Williams himself inferred that the State’s case was a mess to begin with.

“We do not believe that Freddie Gray killed himself,” Mosby exclaimed.. “We stand by the medical examiner’s determination that Freddie Gray’s death was a homicide.”

Believe as you will Marilyn, but the word “homicide” in a medical examiner’s report, means one person intentionally did something that led to the death of someone else. It does not in any way mean the death was was a crime. Due to the level of complicated circumstances in this case, it is logical that a medical examiner would assume that the injuries were sustained via a secondary source, but the facts in this case prove otherwise.

“After much thought and prayer it has become clear to me that without being able to work with an independent investigatory agency from the very start, without having a say in the election of whether our cases proceed in front of a judge or a jury…we can try this case 100 times…and we would still end up with the same results,”

Darn Sixth Amendment rights getting in the way of prosecuting innocent people. Can’t we just do away with that whole amendment? Try this case a million times, in any court, any jurisdiction, with any investigating agency, private or not, and the results will be the same.

“And although we came close to convicting one of the officers when his case was tried before 12 Baltimore city residents, the judge has made it clear that he does not agree with the state’s theory of the case and does not believe that any of the actions or inactions of these officers  rise to the level of criminality,”

A hung jury in no way means that you came close to anything. A hung jury can be the result of jurors just not having enough facts to come to a conclusion.  The facts that you did not provide, because there were no facts to support your imaginary narrative. Like a unicorn, the imaginary facts eluded you, and crushed your case into dust.

You would think that all of those years in law school would teach somebody to respect people’s legal rights, but Marilyn Mosby obviously doesn’t care. She envisions a world where people can be prosecuted based off of public opinion rather than facts; a public opinion which she can manipulate, using the media. She has no business prosecuting anybody, and her ethical violations will hopefully be her undoing.