Ranger Stops Man Trying To Plant Bomb At Confederate Statue In Houston

Andrew Schneck was arrested for trying to bomb a Confederate memorial in Houston (stock photos)

Andrew Schneck was arrested for trying to bomb a Confederate memorial in Houston (stock photos)

Park Ranger Stops Bombing Of Confederate Memorial

Houston, TX – The FBI is now investigating after a Houston man has been arrested and charged with a plot to blow up a Confederate statue in Houston’s Hermann Park.

The suspect, Andrew Schneck, 25, was arrested on Sunday after a ranger spotted him kneeling at the bushes in front of the Confederate monument. The ranger saw him take a sip from a bottle and then spit it out.

The ranger asked him if he planned to harm the statue and he admitted that he did because he “did not like that guy,” according to Houston Chronicle.

Schneck was found holding a viable explosive, a timer, wires connected to a homemade detonator, a battery, and an explosive compound.

After his arrest, he admitted to having additional explosives at his home, resulting in a raid on Sunday night.

Investigators said that the liquid with Schneck was nitroglycerin.

The tubes he was carrying were tested and determined to be nitgroglycerin and hexamethylene triperoxide diamine.

The FBI was still working on removing materials from the house as of Monday morning.

Assistant Houston Police Chief Larry Satterwhite said of the materials in the house, “It’s a lot. There’s a significant amount of material in them … Some very hazardous materials were found.”

Law enforcement officers are conducting controlled explosions to dispose of some of the material.

In 2013, Andrew Schneck had been arrested by the FBI for storing military-grade explosives. A judge sentenced him to only five years of probation, but released him from probation two years early.

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