Defense Attorney Blames Police Officer For The Horrific Murder Andre Higgs Committed

Andre Higgs (left) is being charged with murdering teacher Latrena May (right.)

Andre Higgs (left) is being charged with murdering teacher Latrena May (right.)

Andre Higgs’s Defense Attorney Blames Police For Murder

East Orange, NJ – Andre Higgs murdered his girlfriend Latrena May, the mother of his child, yet his defense attorney said in court this week that it was the fault of the police officer who stopped to help.

According to New, the incident occurred at the victim’s residence on Tremont Avenue on May 1, 2015 at about 10:15 PM.  May and Higgs were outside of her residence on the steps, when she flagged down a passing police officer, Kemon Lee. The prosecution says that Higgs had just been trying to choke out May in front of their 4-year-old daughter just before she flagged down the officer.

Officer Lee testified that he turned on his overhead lights, and made a U-turn, after being flagged down.  He said that he pulled up in front of the house and approached May and Higgs, with his gun unholstered due to the suspicious condition.

He ordered May to come down the steps to him.  Officer Lee said that “before she could do so (Higgs) stepped back and to the left of Ms. May, and shot her.”

The medical examiner, Dr. Wang, testified at Higgs’ trial that he classified May’s death as a homicide because she was shot three times, with one bullet puncturing both lungs and major arteries.

Officer Lee said that he drew his firearm and shot nine times at Higgs, who barricaded himself inside May’s apartment.  Police officers arrested Higgs after an approximately hour-long standoff. A .45 caliber handgun was found hidden in the hallway.  That gun was later confirmed by ballistics tests to be the gun used in May’s murder.

Higgs’ defense attorney  blames Officer Lee for May’s murder because “he escalated the situation that ultimately led Higgs to be charged in May’s death.”

The trial is still ongoing.

We can only assume that this excuse won’t work, but the defense attorney wouldn’t have tried it if there wasn’t a chance of success. We are living in an age where any defensive action by a police officer is considered “escalation,” resulting in people improperly blaming police officers. All they need is for one SJW jury member to hang up the trial.

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