Anti-Cop Group Attacked by Bikers While Burning Flags, Run to Police to Save Them

Anarchists attacked by bikers while burning Old Glory

Anarchists attacked by bikers while burning Old Glory

Anarchist Anti-Police Group, Disarm the Police, AKA punk white kids, decided to do a flag burning in a Brooklyn park. Burning in the park is illegal outside of barbecues, so these anarchist rebels made sure that they followed the laws in their burning of our national flag. A group of bikers was nearby, and took exception to the antics of these rocket scientists. When confronted by the bikers, the “anarchists” ran to the armed police officers to save them.

New York Post reports:

The fiery stunt by a few dozen members of the group Disarm the Police led to a chaotic scene at about 8 p.m. in Fort Greene Park, when the activists enraged 40 members of the Hallowed Sons Motorcycle Club by roasting the flag on a tiny barbecue grill.

“They took off like little b—hes,” said one biker. “They lit the f–king flag and took off running once they got slapped once or twice.”

The anarchists had announced on social media that they had planned to burn the flag in protest of NYPD policies, drawing a large group of flag-waving counterprotesters, including the bikers.

The bikers then started trying to rough up the protesters — who were quickly saved by members of the same police force that they criticize.

The protesters were shielded by the cops and escorted out of the park.

“I served in the Marines,” said counterprotester Brian Christopher, 23. “We defend this flag. We are ready to die for it. When I see people burning it and showing complete ignorance, it’s very offensive.”

When you play stupid games you win stupid prizes, so New York’s finest didn’t make any arrests.

These anarchist groups don’t even have the collective intelligence of a single Juggalo. If you are reading this and identify as a Juggalo, don’t be upset, we just said that you were smarter than a whole group of people.

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