VIDEO: Anarchists Launch Full-On Attack On Trump Supporters In Berkeley, w/ Explosives

Anarchists rioted and attacked Trump supporters Saturday afternoon.

Anarchists rioted and attacked Trump supporters Saturday afternoon.

Berkeley Anarchists Riot, Attack Trump Supporters

Berkeley, CA – Around 300 people are involved in mass fighting after anarchists attacked pro-Trump demonstrators on Saturday afternoon.

Tax Day protests throughout the country have been mostly peaceful, with hippies demanding that President Trump show his tax returns.

A “Patriots Day” pro-America rally in Berkeley was very much not peaceful. Perhaps emboldened by law enforcement’s failure to stop them in the past in Berkeley, anarchists showed up dressed in all black with their faces covered, and started attacking people in support of President Trump.

Explosives (believed to be M80s) were being thrown by anarchists as both sides threw bottles and other debris back and forth. A large number of people were visibly injured and bleeding. News helicopters captured video of large masses of anarchist surrounding and beating Trump supporters who got separated from the main group.

So far at least 4 people have been arrested out of the hundreds of people involved in the brawl. You can see video from the incident below: