Riot In Anaheim – Violent Rioters Demand Arrest Of Off-Duty Officer Captured On Video

Riots erupted in Anaheim after video of an off-duty officer's actions surfaced.

Riots erupted in Anaheim after video of an off-duty officer’s actions surfaced.

Riots Break Out In Anaheim Over Video Of Off-Duty Officer Confronting Trespassers

Anaheim, CA – A large protest turned into a riot Wednesday night as demonstrators attacked police and destroyed property.

Hundreds of rioters blocked traffic near Disneyland at around 7 PM where they threw rocks and bottles at police officers. Some in the group went to the home of the LAPD officer where they vandalized his house and vehicle. The rioters also vandalized another house, apparently mistaking it for the home of the officer. 24 of the rioters were arrested.

Wednesday night’s riot comes after an off-duty LAPD officer was captured on video while confronting a group of teens on his property. One of the teens threatened to shoot the off-duty officer, prompting the officer to arrest him. During the arrest, the teen’s friends threw punches at the officer and tried to tackle him.

The officer drew his gun to defend himself from the hostile crowd, and as he tried to pull the teen towards him, the officer’s gun was accidentally discharged. The discharge appears to be due to a sympathetic muscle response, in which squeezing one hand results in an involuntary squeezing of the other hand. Nobody was struck by the bullet.

You can see the video of the incident here:

Uniformed officers arrived and the teen suspect was arrested for threats to shoot the off-duty officer and battery. One of the teens friends was also arrested for assaulting the off-duty officer.

The off-duty officer was immediately placed on administrative leave while his actions are being investigated. But rather than being satisfied with the start of the disciplinary investigation, people took to the street to riot. As the officer is already under investigation, it’s not clear what the rioters expect to accomplish.

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