Alton Sterling Criminal History: Violent Felon and Alleged Gang Member

Alton Sterling criminal history mug shot

Alton Sterling criminal history mug shot

Details are slowly leaking out about the Alton Sterling officer involved shooting. Alton Sterling apparently had a criminal history that included carnal knowledge of a juvenile, aggravated battery, and illegal firearm possession. Clearly, he was not somebody who could legally possess a firearm at the time of the shooting. Internet detectives have uncovered information that Alton Sterling was actually a bloods gang member, but we have been unable to confirm the accuracy of that information at this time.

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Maya Lau has posted a video interview with the owner of the convenience store, who said that Sterling was his friend:

Muflahi described that after Sterling was shot, the police officers removed a gun from his pocket. Self-proclaimed internet experts are claiming that the gun in Sterling’s pocket is evidence that he was unjustly murdered. Sterling wasn’t pointing the gun at the officers after all. There’s also claims that, if there’s no gunshot residue on Sterling’s hands then it had to be unjustified, because he clearly hadn’t shot at the officers, right? You can even see this attitude displayed in comments on our own website in our coverage of the Alton Sterling shooting.

The fact is, once you let somebody point a gun at you, or shoot at you, then it’s often too late. Police officers do not, and should not, have to wait until after somebody has attempted to murder them before they can act. Police officers have a right, and a duty, to stop the attempted murder before it is completed. Had officers waited until Sterling had a gun pointed at them, then there would have been no way for them to stop him from shooting.

First you have to consider reaction times. There is a reactionary delay from the time that a police officer can recognize that a gun is pointed at them, to the time it takes them to pull the trigger on their gun. This almost guarantees that the suspect would be able to get their shot off first. Then you have to consider that unless somebody is instantly killed by a bullet to the brain, being shot doesn’t immediately stop somebody. Real-life isn’t Hollywood, and people don’t just instantly fall over dead when they get hit by a bullet. Until somebody’s blood pressure drops low enough, they are still in the fight.


Black Lives Matter is trying to spin this case as an obvious case of a man being shot because he was black. They are ignoring that not only was Sterling an armed felon who was resisting arrest, but the officers knew that they were on camera. At the very least, officers knew that:

  1. They had body cameras.
  2. They had a dash camera.
  3. They were at a convenience store, which had security cameras.

Even if you’re nutty enough to believe the absurd narrative of rogue officers shooting people for being black, wouldn’t you expect that the officers wouldn’t do it on camera if they didn’t think that the shooting was justified? We are confident that the officers believed that Sterling was reaching for his gun, which means that they actually probably saw Sterling reaching for his gun.

The Advocate reports on Sterling’s criminal history:

Black Lives Matter portrayal of Alton Sterling as a gentle family man

Black Lives Matter portrayal of Alton Sterling as a gentle family man

Records from the 19th Judicial District Court show that in August 2015 the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office issued a warrant for the arrest of an Alton Sterling who had registered as a convicted sex offender to live at the center at the Brookstown address. Sterling was convicted of one count of carnal knowledge of a juvenile in Sept. 2000, according to the warrant.

While Sterling had registered at the address in July, a probation officer who checked on him in August was told by the center manager that Sterling hadn’t lived there for two weeks.

The DA’s office filed a failure to register as a sex offender charge against Sterling in April.

Sterling’s court record shows he was accused of several crimes dating back to 1996. He’d pleaded guilty to aggravated battery, simple criminal damage to property and unauthorized entry, as well as domestic abuse battery. His longest sentence appeared to come in 2009, when he was sentenced to five years on possessing marijuana with the intent to distribute and illegally carrying a weapon with a controlled dangerous substance.

People question why the Alton Sterling criminal history is relevant, because officers couldn’t have known his history at the time. Alton Sterling’s criminal history is relevant because when the media paints the picture of a gentle giant family man, who would never harm anybody, it’s hard to believe that he would fight with police officers and then reach for a gun to murder them. When you have the facts that Sterling was a violent child molester with a history of illegally carrying firearms, you can see that he is exactly the type of person who might reach for a gun when fighting with officers.

At this time the officers have been identified, but in an effort to give the officers more time to protect their families from retaliation, we will delay discussing their identities until it becomes more widely circulated. We will keep providing you with updates as they come in.