Alien Gear Holsters Bashes Police For Shooting Man Who Was Shooting At Them

Alien Gear Holsters posted to social media suggesting that officers shot Antoquan Watson too many times.

Alien Gear Holsters posted to social media suggesting that officers shot Antoquan Watson too many times.

Alien Gear Holsters Bashed Police On Social Media

Alien Gear Holsters made a post to their Facebook page Thursday morning which was critical of the officer-involved shooting of Antoquan Watson, suggesting that officers shouldn’t have shot him so many times.

Antoquan Watson was high on PCP when he opened fire on officers during a vehicle pursuit and then exited his vehicle and started shooting at officers.

In the post to Facebook, Alien Gear Holsters said:

“A reasonable and prudent person follows a police officer’s orders; Angry people sometimes show reluctance, but is it ever okay to shoot someone 45 times?”


They then posted a clip of the video, which we’ve included below.

After getting hammered with criticism for almost 2 hours from pissed-off customers, Alien Gear Holsters deleted their comment and replaced it with a meme with no further comment, as if they are trying to pretend that their previous comment never happened:


It’s too late, the internet remembers:


The shooting initially occurred in March 2014 after police received a report that Watson had a gun inside of Pleasantville’s La Esconda II Restaurant, according to

According to a waitress at the restaurant, Watson bought two beers and appeared to be drunk and mumbling to himself. When he paid his bill, multiple people called to report seeing him holding his gun in his right hand, pointing it at the ceiling.

Officers responded and attempted to talk to Watson while he was in his vehicle, but he refused to roll down the window.

Watson then took off in his vehicle, leading police on a high-speed pursuit, running red lights and driving up to 85 MPH. He then started firing shots at officers while he fled.

Finally, another vehicle struck Watson’s car after he ran a red light, causing the vehicle to spin out and stall.

Watson then exited his vehicle and opened fire on officers.

Officers returned fire, and were shocked when he appeared unaffected by the bullets. As you watch the video, officers aren’t missing, Watson is just ignoring the bullets that hit him.

The officers assumed that he was wearing body armor, and it appears that at least one officer may have been shooting for his legs.

Once Watson was on the ground, you can see him still moving while he still had the gun in his hand, and officers continued to fire until he stopped lifting the gun.

An autopsy found that Watson was high on PCP.

There were seven officers involved in the shooting, and they hit Watson 45 times out of 69 total rounds fired between all officers involved in the gunfight. That’s less that one magazine of bullets per officer.

Criticizing officers for repeatedly shooting a man who was actively trying to murder them, while on on PCP and unaffected by bullets, shows a complete lack of knowledge of gunfights. That’s not something we would expect from a holster company.

Considering that Alien Gear Holsters is critical of officers who were defending their lives during a gunfight, and the company’s apparent lack of reasonableness, I can think of better holsters to spend my money on.

Let’s spread the word that we expect better from companies who want our business.

UPDATE: We went to reach out to Alien Gear Holsters on Twitter to see if they wanted to clarify anything, and perhaps this was a vendor’s poor judgement, and this was what we got:


UPDATE: After a day full of disrespecting their customers, the CEO has responded. Full update on Alien Gear Holsters HERE.

You can see the video of the gunfight with Antoquan Watson below. WARNING – Graphic: