UPDATED LATEST: Single Alien Gear Holsters Employee Responsible For Anti-Police Posts

Alien Gear Holsters responded after their Thursday morning criticism of officers in a gunfight.

Alien Gear Holsters responded after their Thursday morning criticism of officers in a gunfight.

Alien Gear Holsters Employee Lies To Customers About Blue Lives Matter

After posting a third apology for what may have been a lone new employee’s comment on an officer-involved shooting, Alien Gear Holsters appeared to inexplicably start lying to people about Blue Lives Matter.

UPDATE: It was determined that the single social media employee was being dishonest to the company and the public. Unfortunately, that single employee was the face of the company while posting on social media. I have spoken with the CEO and believe that they are sincere in their apology. While they made some mistakes in allowing the problem employee to continue to respond unchecked, they have ensured that it can never happen again. The story remains below for reference, but the officers at Blue Lives Matter believe that this employee’s actions do not reflect the values of the company.

The point that they lied is so minor that it is just dumbfounding.

The incident started on Thursday when an Alien Gear Holsters employee posted to their Facebook page, asking a rhetorical question which suggested that officers shot somebody too many times.

The suspect who was shot was actively firing on officers while high on PCP, and was unfazed each time he was shot.

For full details, you can view our prior story on Alien Gear Holsters HERE.

After we called them out for their wrong-headed comment, we followed the company’s Twitter account in an effort to reach out, and Blue Lives Matter was subsequently blocked by Alien Gear Holsters.

The company (possibly the same employee UPDATE: Confirmed it was the same employee) then issued a non-apology by apologizing that people felt offended for their comment, without actually taking responsibility for the comment.

It became very clear that the company was taking a bad situation and making it worse.

Finally a message from the CEO was posted which explained that they have a new social media employee who made a mistake. The CEO acknowledged that they made a mistake, and they said that they support law enforcement. The Blue Lives Matter Twitter account was also un-blocked around this time.

Many people were still unforgiving after Alien Gear Holsters’ initial comment, and their subsequent PR failure, but I am well-aware that one individual’s opinion may not represent an entire company.

We have ten opinionated police officers who have had access to our social media pages, and occasionally one of them let’s their personal opinion out, even if it may not represent the views of Blue Lives Matter and an organization.

We told people that Alien Gear Holsters’ apology seemed sincere and that it appeared to be the actions of one lone employee. It appeared that the situation was resolved. That is, it appeared resolved until Friday night when the CEO posted another apology.

“Yesterday, a new employee violated company social media policy by posting an inappropriate Facebook post about a police shooting. This incident could not be further from who we are as a company. As the owner of this company I am deeply sorry and offer my heartfelt apology. Since the founding of this company, we have always been strong supporters of law enforcement. I started this company because I believe in the right to bear arms. I believe in the right of people to defend themselves. In fact, one year ago we offered free holsters to our local law enforcement.

We have taken immediate actions to ensure this does not happen again. While our social media policy has always prohibited political statements or personal statements, we will now have all posts reviewed by a supervisor to ensure compliance before posting. We will also provide more training for all social media employees prior to starting their jobs as well as periodic training to again ensure they strictly follow policy.

As the founder of Tedder Industries, I assure you that we will continue to do what’s best for our valued customers and support the issues that are important to them. By offering the highest quality, innovative products on the market and outstanding customer service, we continue to be the best company for our customers.”

There’s nothing wrong with another apology. But then a customer posted a comment asking them about blocking our Twitter account, and they responded by lying to people. UPDATE: This was determined to be the same social media employee.


For those of you who are not familiar with Twitter, they do not actually have anything in place which makes accounts automatically block other accounts in this manner. Twitter may suspend an account for policy violations, but it does not automatically block them from only specific pages.

The screenshot of being blocked only appears when you view a specific account that has manually blocked you.

When your entire apology is based off of your word that some new lone employee made a mistake, and then you lie to people, it doesn’t make your apology appear very credible. UPDATE: It was the same lone employee who was lying, and the company has dealt with the situation.