Alien Gear Holsters CEO Helps Family Of Lt. Allan – Clears Air On Response To Police Shooting

Alien Gear Holsters' CEO gave support to Lt. Allan's family.

Alien Gear Holsters’ CEO gave support to Lt. Allan’s family.

Alien Gear CEO Gives Support To Family Of Fallen Hero

The CEO of Alien Gear Holsters, Thomas Tedder, has done something that no other company CEO has done before after having an employee criticize the police, he reached out to help an actual law enforcement family in need.

After a days-long series of events, which involved an Alien Gear Holster social media employee repeatedly screwing up, CEO Thomas Tedder called us to explain the situation.

A new social media employee was left to make posts on social media while the company’s social media manager was on leave. I can confirm that their social media manager was on leave, because when the incident started, we were in contact with him and he wasn’t able to look into what was going on due to his absence.

The new employee posted to Alien Gear Holsters’ Facebook page, criticizing police for firing 45 shots into a suspect who was high on PCP, shooting at police, and appeared unfazed by bullets.

After backlash to the post, that employee removed the post, and said that they were sorry that people felt offended.

Blue Lives Matter followed Alien Gear Holsters on Twitter to contact them, and our account was blocked by the employee. When that employee was asked by the company about about Blue Lives Matter being blocked, she unblocked us, and then told the company that we were never blocked so it must be been Twitter blocking us.

CEO Thomas Tedder then issued an apology which seemed sincere, prompting us to tell people that we didn’t see any need for people to boycott the company over the actions of one employee.

The next day, the company’s Facebook account posted a claim that Blue Lives Matter’s Twitter account was never blocked, which wasn’t true. This claim was based off of the problem employee saying that she had never blocked us.

Thomas Tedder then investigated the situation and reached out to Blue Lives Matter to clarify what had happened.

Now, I can personally understand how one lone employee can misrepresent a company or organization on social media. We’ve had about 10 officers with access to post on social media, and there have been times that these opinionated officers have posted their opinions, which may not have reflected the position of our organization.

I believe that the CEO was sincere in his apology, and that this incident was the action of one employee. Thomas Tedder assured us that the employee would never be able to make those mistakes again.

When we spoke to him about the mission of Blue Lives Matter and how the negative messaging about police officers can spread and result in officers getting killed, we told him about how Lieutenant Aaron Allen was just murdered while trying to help people out of a vehicle after a collision.

Thomas Tedder then did something that we’ve never seen a company CEO do before. He personally donated $5,000 of his own money to the family of Lt. Aaron Allen.

We have covered countless incidents of problem employees disrespecting police, and this is the first time that I have seen a CEO actually take more action than just making a statement or firing an employee.

Some of you may be unimpressed, and that’s okay, but the CEO of Alien Gear Holsters did more than any other company, and that money is going to make a real difference to the Allan family.

Lt. Aaron Allan left behind his wife and two young children when a heartless killer shot him 14 times as the Lieutenant was trying to help at a collision. If you are able to help support his family, you can donate HERE. Even if you are unable to donate, please help spread the word about this campaign so others may help.